TA FLRT troop?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by tank6275, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. An idea just popped into my head and was interested to know if it happens else where.

    Our regiment has, along side the normal drops troops, a Radio troop obviously for the rad ops, but we have FLRT's that at the moment dont really get utilised on ex but i believe its on the cards to integrate them into scenarios.

    Out of interest are there any TA transport regiments that have a troop formed within the regiment for FLRT's and do they get utilised on exercise.

    Thinking of proposing the idea and seeing if it gets passed up the CoC.
  2. What does FLRT mean?
  3. fork lift rough terrain
  4. That lost its sexy appeal, you'd best stick to FLRT.....
  5. well thats the thing, the only loads we ever really have on ex is the sim pallets that are already on the flatracks, and stay there for the duration of the exercise, rather than off loading them at loading point or whatever and giving the jcb operators something to do.

    Im not yet converted to the new telehandler due to lack of courses/qualified instructors, but even when i got jcb 410 on my fmt600 i only touched it maybe twice in 2 years. a bit disappointing for a keen operator haha