TA Flights Warned Off for Deployment!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by SilsoeSid, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Any truth in the rumour that those members of the AAC TA Flights or indeed reservists who used to be Lynx Jocks, are going to be refreshed and possibly deployed where needed?

    Source, grapevine and todays online Times.

    The mind boggles!!!

  2. If it was not a serious matter I would be rolling on the floor busting my sides.
    Clean out Wallop first. Stacks of Old Lynx jockeys sat around swilling coffee.
  3. A different 'vine' has been in contact mentioning that once the Ops staff in receipt of top rates of flying pay have been assessed, the TA will then be considered for a more active roll.

    Having witnessed the recent deployment of a local butcher and also a Woolworths manager, I can't see how 'serving soldiers' in the AAC TA will be able to avoid it.
  4. Good job DAAvn didn't go around grounding loads of regular pilots over the past few years.

    Doh! Seemed like a good idea at the time I suppose.

    (An AAC two year cycle will not be seen on the Tour De France).
  5. It begs the question…… why not have a Lynx (TA) 658 Sqn and a Gazelle (TA) 666 Sqn ....

    Cost ?
  6. A lot actually, ie; finding some serviceable Lynx with hours remaining on the airframe to furnish the said Squadron.

    Bloody good idea though!
  7. Not to mention the cost and admin of 3 monthly sim currencies plus there is no role for a TA Lynx sqn.
  8. who would want to join the devils sqaudron 666, i am sure that there was a floppy in N I with the 666 tail number, i was there in 94.
  9. There was / is a Lz with the tail 666 for sure
  10. Yep, 'Damien', XZ666. It lived upto its name too! It didnt have lots of little benign faults and snags like the rest of the fleet. Oh no, when something went wrong it was usually an engine disappearing across the training area or dumping both engines oil in a oner or the cabin cathing fire fo no reason or lumps coming off the fuselage etc, etc.

    Was a bloody good cab though so long as you talked to it nicely. Fleet leader on ariframe hours when we had it.

    It didnt get DFS'd, it got exorcised by a priest before each flight. FRCs were a copy of the bible.
  11. I got a cabbie from DJ Barracks over to GV in Damien in'96. I wasn't normally a nervous pax, but I was quite relieved to get down onto Terra Firma after that one...must've been the banter upfront about it being cursed...the f**kers!
  12. That the current one or previous? The current one didn't like me too much :oops:

    What is the training like for AAC Ta? I've never heard good or bad about them. Gut reaction is that getting part-timers to fly operationally is a bad idea, as it's a bit different from infantry/medic etc
  13. You fail to realise that the 'part time pilots' are former regular pilots most having over 4000 hours and at least 22 years flying service. A lot of the current TA pilots are Airline or commercial pilots still in current flying practice. They fly 747s and Airbus's for a living, tootling around in a Gazelle at the weekend aint exactly a challenge for them. ;)

    As for the current DAAvn. Did you have a tomato ketchup bottle to hand? :)
  14. I'm not doubting flying skills in general. But operational flying and procedures are very different are they not? Including emergency procedures unique to the aircraft type etc. My point was more to do with rustiness on tactics etc, rather than the pure art of flying.

    Current DAAnv was having a chat to me about my possible future with your wonderful corps, and I mentioned the fact that for pure flying the crabs have greater opportunities (fast jet etc), which may have hit a raw nerve. I tried to rescue the situation saying I couldn't stand the crabs as the service, then decided to just shut up :p At least you don't have to worry about me turning up at Wallop anytime flashy, lack of a working shoulder kinda b*ggered that one.
  15. And theres me thinking your penchant for dressing in womens clothing may be a hinderence?

    It depends what role these TA pilots could be lined up for in an Op theatre. I dont think you will find 7 Regt moving to an op area en masse, more like gap filling where needed by those who have left the regs recently. As for tactics, we're not talking about old school HELARM (stone him!), probably more in line with thier current role. Liason, recce etc. If thats the case, its not too much of a leap of faith.

    I too had a word with DAAvn and he said, I quote "the day that tit crabby joins the AAC, I'll be doing quickstops on the moon" unquote.