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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pork_Pie, Oct 27, 2002.

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  1. Does anybody know why the TA CFT is only 4 miles, when the regulars' is 8? (Presume it's not just my corps where this ratio prevails - apologies if this ain't so.)

    Last time we did a CFT, I think everybody regarded it as a waste of time. Not because they hate PT (although some aren't all that keen), but because 4 miles with a 15 Kg load in 1 hour proves virtually nothing.

    I appreciate that it's very difficult for reservists to match regular standards of fitness, but if 8 miles is too much (and I don't think it is), couldn't it at least be extended to 6, so the standard takes a bit of effort to achieve?

    Any thoughts?
  2. There is probably some merit in extending it to six miles.  

    However, please remember fitness training is built into the system for the regulars.  Sports afternoons aside, there have been a number of occasions when I have tried to contact one of the regular staff only to find "he is out doing a run" (and not necessarily during the normal "lunch hour").  My employer would have something to say if I took longer than 60 minutes for lunch - not to mention the complete lack of changing & showering facilities.  Perhaps I am being too self conscious, but outside office hours running round a residential area in boots and Bergen is a bit conspicuous.   I tend to wait until it gets dark 1) not so visible & 2) domestic duties completed, children's homework is done & the little devils are in bed.
  3. 3G - I appreciate the difficulties reservists face in finding time to get fit. I agree that, outside of a suitable environment, running around with boots and a Bergan can attract a lot of unwanted attention.

    I don't do Bergan runs as part of (what passes for) my fitness regime, and we tend not do it on our weekends. However, although most of my running is done in shorts and trainers, I still think 4 miles in 1 hr, in boots & carrying 15 kg, is a bit of a joke. I also think it undermines the TA's credibility, which (fairly or not) isn't always too high, if the regs do 100% more than we do. 100% - that's quite a gap.

    I'm not saying that everybody in the TA should be superfit, just that the present standards are a bit poor.

    Glad we can agree that 6 miles has some merit  :)
  4. Isn't 15 kg the girlie weight?

    Whats 60 lbs in new money? Or has our PTI stitched us up again? And why the hell are we running? It's 4 miles in 58 minutes, that should be a nice warming quick march and enjoyable..

    and Pork Pie, it used to be 8 miles till fairly recently, at least it was in our regiment (Infantry)

    ..and 4 miles means less of a staggered line of knackered squaddies looking like the lost column from Fort Zinderneuf.... ;D
  5. PTP: 15kg is the non-Teeth Arm (or is now Combat Arm) weight.  Inf get to carry 25kg (I think).

    I must confess that because I am the wrong side of 40 and an Inf in a non teeth arm role I am not too upset with 15kg.  However, the downside of the role is that we get the girlie combat handbag rather than a proper backpack that can hold more than just a sleeping bag and a pair of socks.
  6. The standard of fitness in the TA is as a rule a lot lower than the regs. In 'the old days' to get your bounty you had to pass your BFT/CFT, many in the TA could not pass this lets face it, easy test. Maybe the fact that the % of FFR ta soldiers was not high enough so the standard was lowered.
    The current test is not difficult at all but some still fail it.
    I heard a whisper that the TA basic fitness test is going to be made a bit more taxing. Anyone else heard this?
  7. PTI wishful thinking again.........
  8. PTP - 60 lbs is approx. 27 Kg, in decimal money.

    Your PTI hasn't stitched anybody up. You should thank him for helping to develop your fitness. (No smiley here - I'm just about keeping a straight face.)

    You said it was 8 miles, until recently - do you know why it changed?

    'and 4 miles means less of a staggered line of knackered squaddies looking like the lost column from Fort Zinderneuf....'

    Knackered after 4 miles? This is partly my point.  

    MG_G - hope that you're correct about standards increasing. I think that raising standards a little (nothing ridiculous), and requiring people to meet them to get their bounty, could help to concentrate minds.

    3G - now the clocks have gone back, no problem about being seen at night, heh?  :)
  9. Pork_Pie, out of interest, how long have you been in the TA?

    ..and have you considered moving to Infantry, if going great distances under a shedload of kit , fast , is what appeals to you?
  10. PTP,

    afraid that I'm a bit of a newcomer. Have only done 3 camps, have been in just over 2 1/2 years.

    Enjoyed the infantry part of basic training very much. However, I joined late in life, and think of myself as a bit too old for the infantry.
  11. For everybody who wants to improve their fitness the PTI approved and tested way


    A whole site dedicated to fitness and the TA - what more can you ask!! ;D ;D ;D
  12. Pork_Pie:  Made use of it this morning (I'm thinking of changing my handle to "The Shadow").  I now work from home so it is a bit easier to get up, shower, breakfast and log on.

    Line Grunt: Thanks for the URL.  I'll give it a visit.
  13. 3G - good man! What charity will you be raising funds for in the next London Marathon?  :)

    LG - thanks for the link. Have only had a quick look, but am a tad concerned about some of the nutritional advice contained therein.

    I'd have thought that a foodstuff with zero fat, low sugar, some protein and plenty of carbs was just the ticket for a person on a PT regime. But they seem to have a downer on beer  :(
  14. That's PTI's for you - plan abley developed by PTI HQ Upavon.  :mad:
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    TA Fitness and Corps fitness different from Teeth arm regulars.  That'll be retention now and build up training later then...