TA fitness. Cant run, but can complete CFT?

I know this is a time old question.

I am not built for running!. The best I can acheive is about 18 mins for a 1.5 run, and despite training I just cant get the time down, which I understand I need to do before I can apply.

In theory, this make me really unfit!

However I tried the the a run with bergen (15kg), which I completed 4miles in 1hr - without trouble, a full CFT 8m/2hr wouldnt be too much to acheive.

Am I fit enough to apply? or not? Do other have any experience?
Do you definately have the 1.5 miles measured correctly? 18 mins equates to 5 mph, which is a fast walk, not even jogging.
gaz384 said:
In theory, this make me really unfit!
No - in practice this makes you really unfit, and frankly if you have been consistently working towards pushing your speed up and are still on 18 minutes then something is very wrong.

Unless you are 80 years old, 80 stone heavy or on 80 a day then you need to have a chat with a doctor. Load fitness is quite another thing.

Very few of us are really built for speed - that's why there is a baseline standard of the 1.5m run in a time comfortably 6 minutes quicker than you are managing.

So stop trying for now and go and see a quack.
gaz, you can join, but you must get the 1.5 miles down to 13.30 before CMSR and then down to your age related time within 1 year.
gaz384 said:
I know this is a time old question.

However I tried the the a run with bergen (15kg), which I completed 4miles in 1hr - without trouble, a full CFT 8m/2hr wouldnt be too much to acheive.

Am I fit enough to apply? or not? Do other have any experience?
Technically this is a fail isn't it ?

However young Gaz I've seen far worse specimens of fat and gristle wobble through the TA centre gates, what regiment are you applying for ? Some don't even do a full 8 mile CFT ( yet )


The writings say that these are what's required:

Here's the scores from the doors:

< 29 - less than 10 mins 30 secs 44 press ups 50 sit ups
30 - 34 - less than 11 mins 41 press ups 46 sit ups
35 - 39 - less than 11 mins 30 secs 39 press ups 43 sit ups
40 - 44 - less than 12 mins 35 press ups 37 sit ups
45 - 49 - less than 12 mins 30 secs 29 press ups 34 sit ups
50 - 54 - less than 13 mins 30 secs 25 press ups 32 sit ups

I have no chance with these at the moment, just hope I can get me butt into gear before I need to,


How did you measure your 1.5 mile run and how flat is it?

What kind of training have you been doing to try and get your time down?

I agree with all those who said if you're struggling that badly maybe you should go see a Doc - it doesnt seem too good if you're struggling that badly with it.
8 miles is also quite different to 4 miles.

For running just try half a mile at the right pace and then build up your distance from there running the correct speed. If you're that slow you probably need to lose some weight (even if it's muscle mass) so don't try protein loading or anything
Are you running backwards wearing flippers and a pencil skirt? Seriously mate, thats not good, check your pulse, are you sure you still have one?
You need to run and run some more, 18 mis is far far too slow. Keep trying and good luck.
Try doing the 1.5mile run wearing bergen (15kg) and boots. It sounds as though you'll probably achieve this in less than 13:30. Then your only problem will be gradually reducing the weight and switching to trainers to look like the rest of us. :lol:

Seriously, the solution is to take longer strides when running. Measure your stride when doing the CFT training and aim for at least 70% of that when running. Your description suggests that you are jogging, rather than running.
I was no fit lad when I first joined like, infact I was a fat cnut but 18 mins?, fcuk me kid....

I am not built for running
Then I'm afraid you'll have to be, because you'll do alot of it, especially in Infantry. A hell of alot of people stop running as soon as they get even the slightest bit tired, which is wrong. Once you hit that point of slowing down or stopping, that is the time to kick on and push and push, harder and harder so you build your stamina up and eventually your times.....If you keep stopping you'll never get anywhere buddy and IMO I think thats what your doing wrong on the run...

The only ways I could be wrong is either you haven't realised you had a 40 tonne truck attached to you or you've measured the distance wrong and your actually running more than 1.5 miles...
At the ripe old age of 53, and having recently found out my mess kit and all my combats have mysteriously shrunk (?) and carrying the odd extra gearbox round my middriff, I can still stagger 1.5 miles in a slightly faster time that 18 minutes. You don't need a stopwatch, you need a calendar.
I persevere down the gym a couple of times a week. In the morning the coffin-dodgers come in and a surprisingly (and embarrassingly) fit, and if I go in the afternoon, I sweat like a paedophile outside a school, at all the lithe sensual bodies in their leotards, and all the posers with their go-faster gloves on.
gaz384 said:
Am I fit enough to apply?
I short... no.

There's some good advice above and i suggest if your serious you follow it and start to get fit... cutting to the case we are not in the business of carrying fat, unfit and therefore largely useless individuals through training. There are fitness standards for a good reason and the 'i can tab but not run' attitude just doesn't wash... the CFT is a minimum fitness requirement and it certainly involves sections of running. Soldiers are not required to be superhuman but we should be fit enough to do the job.

Rant off.
Double-edged sword, this fitness lark. I am genuinely making the effort to get fit but know there is a large proportion of my unit that will not pass the minimum standard for TA fitness, but a good soldiers, and much needed by the unit. As soon as it affects their bounty, I think a lot will have second thoughts.
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