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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Crafty990, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Is there any form of incentive for soldiers who leave regular service and immediately join the TA? I only ask as I did this a few months back and as I was being attested, the OC of the unit I was joining was convinced there would be a financial reward inline with the plan to swell the TA ranks with ex-regs. Not heard a peep from him since about it but I have heard a number of rumours of golden hellos ranging from 5k to 15k. Is his just wishful thinking or Does anyone know of anything like this being in the pipeline?
  2. Yes, there are lots of financial insentives. If you join straight away you don't have to do TA basic training, you keep your rank, you get the maximum bounty and there is some kind of golden handshake but I don't know how much. It May all change with FDSR. I'm sure someone who knows a hell of a lot more than me will be along soon.
  3. Well it looks as if there is a Financial incentive being introduced. £2000 golden handshake followed by three further payments of £1000 for the following 3(?) years. I believe you may have to waiver your lower commitment liability and annual camp dodge and MATT requirement. Can anyone clarify this?
    Also, When, as a former regular who joined in October, can I expect my first bounty payment. Is it the April after I joined if the requirements are met or the following April regardless?

  4. If you never got a financial incentive would you still join?
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  5. Dunno, it's full of weirdo's with berets like potato sacks pulled down over their inbred ears. A few grand however could grease the wheels of capitalism as it were. It could also make it a lot easier for regs with itchy feet to make the jump knowing that there's a bit of a cushion if it all goes jugs North.
  6. Funnily enough, a few of those weirdos are ex-regs.... Camp creatures you call them? But sure it's best to keep at least one pair of boots in the military if civvy street goes tits up. You could get yourself on Op Tosca.
  7. You will of course be welcomed with open arms by your fellow TA/Reservists who will no doubt want to buy you a drink as they see that promotion they've working towards being suddenly filled by a former regular soldier
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  8. Well I joined for the camaraderie and to play with guns and stuff oh and the tax free bounty but most of all for Queen and Country
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  9. There is an incentive, there are details of it on armynet.
  10. Why oh why should people bother to spend a little time and initiative to look up the proper answer, when they can just bash out a quick question on here and get a myriad of potentially half correct answers instead?

  11. And rightly bloody so! If they wanted to soar with the creme, they should have found the spuds to join up and do something worthwhile with their lives, instead of spending the odd Wednesday stood around taking bets about who will look best when PCS is finally issued and the webbing pages in the latest Silverman's catalogue. A point I'll be only happy to share on the muster parade at my first drill night. I'm sure me taking up a slot will give them something to aspire to anyway, I mean, not many TA centres will have their very own former professional soldier! A complete oracle on all things regular!
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  12. I can assure you Crafty that every TA centre in the country will have come across plenty of know-it-all ex-regs like yourself who actually know very little and who get a shock at actually doing a full working week. Every week.
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  13. The alternative view?
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  14. Civvies don't work, they moan about working then get on to their union rep about working to get out of the work they were meant to be doing, but couldn't be arsed doing in the first place. I know civvies! I met enough in the employment of her majesty over the years.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    civvies, or civil servants?
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