TA - Female Joining Royal Reg Scotland as a Medic

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by eear93, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. What training does a Medic get joining the TA?
    Ive already been a Reg Soldier but had to leave training due to an injury.
    Are you part of Royal Reg of Scotland or RAMC attatched to Infantry?
  2. You will be RAMC, attached. No PIDS for females in Infantry capbadges.
  3. Training will be trade courses at Keogh - with ongoing training in unit (depending on the size of the RAMC detachment)
    Were you RAMC Reg, in which case if its less than 2 years since you left your existing Quals will remain.
  4. Hmmm. If you've been Medically Discharged from the regulars then you've got a problem with the reserves.
  5. You've got the choice of 6 Scots or 7 Scots depending where you live. The medics in 7 Scots are munters.....
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  6. Were you actually a Reg soldier, or did you fail basic and therefore not a Reg???

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  7. I wasn't medically discharged I DAOR after an injury.
    6 Scots is my closest, what I want to know is what cap badge will I be under, will I wear ramc beret or rrs beret... Will I belong to ramc or rrs?
  8. No, I didn't pass out because my injury affected my whole training. They didn't tell me it would take 3 years to go back regs, so what I want to do is go ta... I was accepted by my ACIO again and welcomed back, I then got deferred for a year for a tiny complaint to my doctor that's been well over a year now.....
  9. You wont wear a RRS beret as they don't, you will however wear their headress and hackle plus the RAMC capbadge providing you get in
  10. So you weren't a regular then.

    Someone better positioned than me will confirm but you may require a letter from your doctor and I'd be expecting a drawn out process if I where you.
  11. So ill be wearing a tam o shanter, the green beret, and ramc cap badge... Thankyou!
    Well ill get a letter, a check up and evidence to show this was an uneccesary decision.
  12. To get back on topic, time served and Reg/not Reg not withstanding, as a medic you will do 3 courses at keogh to get you to CMT1 level, with additional in house or specialist training (depending on whether you are the only medic or part of a larger RAMC attachment. (My old TA unit had a 3 man section at my barracks and a 5 man one at the other barracks with a couple of Wolfs held at each location).

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  13. Kilt sans underwear 'n' sporran also.. ;)
  14. Just how do you plan to do that? Two headresses and only the one head!