TA featured in Sunday Times Magazine

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Imago, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. Mixed dress! Kill the witch.
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  2. It appeared to be poorly researched - referring to Guardsmen as 'Privates in the Scots Guards', one wonders how accurate the rest of the article is.
  3. Who says that? I would say Monday 0900Z.
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  4. No since 1920. Their reporter must be really old. Or thick.

    And 10 am is NAAFI break in any sane unit so you wouldn't be seeing anyone at that time would you?
  5. It's the new Dazzle Cam being trialled for the RN.
  6. 'Shooting with a long range rifle'.

    Is that like a 105?

    But Abby, is a hotty,
    The PSI, cannae take his eye off her pert shapely botty.
    The training is good, and yes, I would.
    It was in the Sunday times,
    About Abby's lovely lines.
    She liked a little fun
    With her long range gun,
    Surrounded by part-time army men.
    What was the question again?

    I rest my case.
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  7. No your wrong she had DPM knickers on!
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  8. She is wasting her weekends to be near the TA guys, you ******* gayer!

  9. She wants to meet girls of a similar ilk maybe?

    It's got me licked...
  10. In the same way that women hang round in gay bars?