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Note: Appolgies if this devolves into a bit of a ramble/rant. Just thought this might spread some thoughts on why TA recruitment is so low.

I decided to post this after seeing the post about Families in the Current afairs forum.

As a recruit to the TA I have been wondering about a few things, and They've got me worried to a small degree. Yes it's apprehnsion about things realted to the job. I like (posisbly) a large portion of TA recruits have some basic knowledge of millartry matters, and also know quite a few ex-squadies. Yes You might even call me a "Walt", I don't know if I go that far.

The things that bother me probaly also prey on the minds of some of the other recruits. Maybe on your minds when you joind up. The Two things that got me slightly worried, was not the risk of going off to some place and getting messily killed or wounded, that comes with the terrotory.

No the things that are preying on my mind are what about my Partner and family back home? I haven't found anything about TA Family support groups or anything. I don't know if they even Exist. What If my partner's going to have 6 months of worry and no one to turn to? If this Lady http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn/Forums/viewtopic/t=15559.html
can't get hold of her famlies officer, when she's on base, what chance my better half? Now I'm not stupid enougth to belive it's going to be like that all over the place, but it's a worry.

The other thing is what happens after you've returned from your tour. I've Known Two Ex-squadies very well, One was my flatmate for two years. Both where completly Burnt out mentaly and just wheren't sane. The Time when one flipped out in a night club and thought that the bouncer's where IRA members out get him really sticks in my mind. It seemed the Army just showed him the door and Told him "Thanks, and good bye". there seemed to be no support for him. It might have been htat he was just ignoring the offered help. I know far more squadies who Don't suffer from things like that, but It's the other cocern.

I do want to get into the TA, If I didn't I wouldn't keep Training and then just pull out.

Or is it a case of me thinking to much and creating mountins out of molehills?
No, you are right in some respects. There is a culture in the TA that is very different from the regs. I was mobilised with the TA and felt that the only help for my family whilst I was away was from myself or my PSAO. If things got really bad, or there was an emergency then Chilwell would get involved, otherwise - nothing.
There is no TA Hive, no TA support group etc etc. While you're out there - you're ok - you have the welfare officer and even the padre (should you need him), but alas there is no formal help for your family i.e. a families officer.
However, I don't want to deter you from joining the TA, because it is a fantastic opportunity to prove and better yourself. You should continue with your recruit training and see it through to the end.

I am curerntly in the TA and had to stand back whilst everyone else in the squadron went off to Iraq. The main big difference between TA and reg support is that Reg wifes are generally away from home and TA wifes are generally still within the same town/area as their family. Most of the support given to our guys wives was from the TA members ourselves and other wives. Im afraid its a case of nobody will chap her door, if she wants help she has to ask for it. I mean this in the best possible way. There should be a liaison officer assigned to you family if you are mobilised. Remember though that this officer will be TA, have a civvy job and his own family to juggle so probably wont go looking for work to do but will be mor than happy to make time if he/she is made aware of any problems. If the worst comes to the worst, give your wife my email address and Ill keep in touch with her. I had my mother collecting parcels from everyone in our town to send out to the boys.

Hope this helps

Don't worry. You're sh1t and wouldn't be mobilised anyway. I've told you that I'd take care of your Mrs for you. :twisted:

Seriously, if she wanted to talk to someone who'd been through all that, she should give my Mrs a call (I think that you've got the number).
HA, Remember that she want's words with you about your offer to take me out on the piss and otehr activites...

Everyone else: Thanks for the Input. It's all been logged somewhere in my head.

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