TA FArSe - When Will We Be Told?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shrimper, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. I hear that TA FArSe has been pushed back again! Nothing like keeping an already dwindling number of volunteers and others guessing about their futures. So when is the announcement going to be, or will it get pushed back again? Not sure that any civi company would keep their workers "sweating" for so long. Can we expect the announcement to be low key and then slowly trickled down the chain of command to the boys and girls on the ground. TA FArSe!
  2. You have been told - you're on the bus now aren't you? Or was that off the bus? Damn, got myself confused now. Just hurry up and wait!

    More seriously, I think you have to allow for a substantial amount of planning free from the massed ranks of tuppence-worth merchants in order to achieve the aims of FAS TA successfully. Throw in CRF's new focus on Retention (see I told you all the grown-ups read ARRSE) (either that or msr is CRF in which case please ignore most of the PMs I've sent you in the last 18 months) and the latest guidance on how to discharge anyone who doesn't meet the new TA fitness standards (Yes both documents did arrive on the same day :roll:) and there is one hell of a lot which needs to dove-tail effectively or we will fail before we've even begun.
  3. I was told the announcment would be announced today, although I wouldn't be surprised if it has been delayed once again.

    My regt is supposed to be re-roleing because of FAS(TA). We had the first confirmation of what our role would be last september. Orbats were changed, people given new jobs, career paths mapped etc. This confirmation was then then withdrawn because the Army Board hadn't signed the required bit of paper, and then the Defence Secretary hadn't signed the bit of paper either!! And even when they had signed the required paperwork it still has to be officially announced by the MoD!

    And yet, because the MoD havn't 'officially' made the announcment we cannot publicise our new role, update recruiting leaflets, webpages etc, it even prevents us booking certain types of equipment/CSups/ranges because we are still the old role, not to mention the problems it causes with promotion qualifications for the blokes.

    So, still 18 months after FAS and still no offical word on the future of our Regt - although the fact that we have a PSI trained in the new role, a load of kit for the new role, weekend training courses running for the new role, and a two week camp starting next week being run as a 'conversion courses camp' kinda gives it away as to what we are doing (unofficially of course).

  4. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Middle of March apparently 8O
  5. I am sure you have your finger on the pulse but we were told 1st April which seems to sum up this farce
  6. Oh great, by then we will have completed our restructure and I expect we will have restructured incorrectly. I haven't just spent the last few days working out what needs to be trained during the year, I'm suspecting that may become invalid for one of our troops.

    I'm also thinking their will be a shift in how we work, regts won't be expected to provide X number of dets, shortly a BCS may be expected to provide a Sqn (with IR's/Dets from CC Sqns)

    I can understand some news needs to be kept quiet but why on earth hasn't the new Sqn ORBATs been published?
  7. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Bobos - Ministerial Announcement mid-March. That's assuming it doesn't change again.
  8. At risk of playing in the grown up sandpit... a few yeomanry regiments have already seemed to have been told of their future roles and their quite significant expansion. One has opened a detachment (Jan) attached to a main sqn and is expanding still. One is converting role and expanding.

    This, I was told, was due to FAS. So surely some information is coming out?

    Edit- tense
  9. FAS for the RLC would appear to be a case of pairing up with a Regular Regiment and supplying them with a Squadron's worth of troops.

    Oddly enough this appears to be no different than any other reinvention of the wheel, where my Regiment gave up control of a Squadron to either Division or Brigade, due to the specialities of certain Squadrons, or worked closely with a Regular Regiment in Germany.

    Not sure where it leaves the HQ Sqn blokes, unless it's to backfill a Task Squadron.
  10. Why does it take so long for the info to come out or are the CO's all flapping because they might lose something other than soldiers. No wonder so many leave the TA. This is a ****ing shambles
  11. msr

    msr LE

    And you get articles in the Scotsman like this: Government targets Territorials in new round of army cuts


    The only thing you get with less, is less!

  12. And our illustrious porridge wogs seem to be 'in the know'. I rest my case.
  13. I think that artical is about 6 years too late, it seems to be talking about SDR (why else has my Regt got loads of Ex WFRs (Robin Hoods & 5th/8th), RAnglian (Leics & Derbys Yeomanry), PWO (Leeds Rifles), Light Infantry (KOYLI), DWR(Hallams)), loss of regimental names???? That happened (ecept in London) over the last 15.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

  15. Not strictly FAS, a bit of info is available on ArmyNet about the TA IS/IT specialist pool being set up.

    See Forum -> R SIGNALS General Matters -> In Barrack Employment for IS Eng