TA Face Name Change

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Alan Partridge, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. TA faces name change - Telegraph

    The favorite new name looks like British Army Reserves.

    As if the TA don't get enough "bar dwelling" jokes thown at them already :)
  2. Won't matter a jot what you call it, unless you change the TACOS and get rid of those who join for the money without giving anything worthwhile in return (officers as well as ORs) it will be a complete waste of time.

    "Currently the TA has 14,000 members trained and available to serve, it is anticipated that its strength will increase to 30,000." Oh really, if the TA is in such a shite state now, and it is in lots of places, what makes anyone think they can recruit, train and deploy 30,000?
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  3. Most TA soliders will have been through re-branding with their civvy firms and will see through this bullsh*t instantly. Curiously this name change is being proposed by an army which prides itself on traditions and its long history and obviously a 100 year history with hundreds of honours isn't worth anything.
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  4. 'Sposse they convulsed and threw a paddy when it changed from Milita?
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  5. This is quite old news already...but as for the TA changing - yep that's already started. We've been warned off for about a year now that the TA will no longer be what it was - it will be 100% committed to deploying and support for Operations (yep, maybe a little bit late if we're to pull out of Herrick in 2015 methinks - unless they're going to complete the ensemble in the middle east and head into Iran?)...

    Anyhow, we've also been told that if you're not deployable or you cannot deploy for any other reasons - the door is waiting, well-oiled on it's long-rusted hinges....can't pass a pft and a cft? Adios you pathetic excuse for a soldier.... :)

    This can only be a good thing, as they're looking to get rid of all the long-term biffs, waifs and strays and replace them with committed, switched on, fit and well-trained guys n dolls....(Where they will get them in the UK - I have no effin idea).....in my reg it's already started, let's hope they can stick to their original ideas though....

    And yep, the decision to cut the regular army and increase the TA numbers I think was the wrong one....mind you, the reg service I have seen in some places we had over 50% of local troop strength on the biff....but, the cutting of regs doesn't help the one-army concept (did it ever really exist? I think not)....As a member of the TA I feel we'll always be detested by the regulars - it's like one of the longest running discrimmination jokes going but it ain't gonna be tackled - how can it? :)


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  6. I wonder what the Drill Halls/TAVR Centres/TA Centres will be called next.
  7. Army Reserve Centre?.... Not that it did the RMR Any harm.. The Territorial thing should have been dropped years ago...along with collection of non deployable fat ***** that hide behind the enabler tag..

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  8. Hmm. I originally joined the reserve forces (a long time ago) because I did not want to make a career of it but I wanted to be ready if the balloon went up. Maybe that is no longer a useful idea. However, I do think that if the government wants to be able to throw its weight around, it should provide adequately sized and financed regular forces. I don't think I would join a kind of regular forces temping agency.
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  9. I thought that increasing the local footprint for units by increasing there exposure in the public eye was a Integral part of the revamp.

    For example closing TAC's in the middle of nowhere and relocating them to a more accessible area.
  10. at least guys will now know its a temping agency when they sign on the dotted line.
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  11. Bar-rooms?
  12. With all the sorts of things likely to affect the TA in the next few years, a name change, even a badly thought out one (i.e. bar jokes), is hardly going to have an significant effect. Except giving the usual suspects on here yet another stupidity to twit us with.
  13. It makes sense to me. The reputation of the TA is mud, which is far from fair when there are some very capable TA blokes fighting alongside their regular counterparts in Afghan.
  14. And a mere name change is going to change this exactly how?
  15. The same TA that deployed with the BEF in 1939 and was lifted from Dunkirk in 1940