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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by scamsr, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. I apologise if this is in the wrong place or if it has all ready been done. I am considering joining the TA and was just wondered if i have to pay for equipment. I was in the cadets and we got the uniform free, with a deposit, and on certain camps we got things for just that time, everything else we had to buy. I know that in the regulars you have to buy your own stuff, because that they give you is 'bad' according to my relatives who have been in the army. So what do you get 'free' and what do i need to buy. This is so i can save. If you have prices of things that would be great. thanks.
  2. They make the cadets hand over a uniform deposit?

    Do you live in Liverpool?
  3. You'll get issued all the kit you need.

    Of course, you are free to enhance your "load-out" by purchasing gucci kit.
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  5. They did for me, £5 that you get back when you leave. To encourage that all is returned /images/smilies/icon_hmm.gif
  6. Hmmm i did reply to this, but yes the cadets do make you put a £5 deposit on uniform to ensure you get it back. No not Liverpool haha
  7. Yes as it costs only a fiver to kit you out, you are of course not going to flog it all for £20 down the booty.

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  13. You will be issued (free of charge) all the kit and equipment you need. TA soldiers should never need to buy anything in addition (as they spend comparatively little time in uniform), although I'm sure that many will choose to buy the odd bit of additional field kit at personal expense.

    Whereas in the past, the kit has been a little on the substandard side, it is now really pretty good and you will be able to do without expensive additional items.
  14. Yes, you do have to pay for you kit in the TA.

    THE main reason I joined the infantry was because I could not afford to pay for a 105mm or a Challenger. They said they would take the cost monthly off my wages, but even so, it was too much.

    Cheapest regiment to join is 21 or 23 SAS(R) because they don't have to buy much kit because they travel light.
  15. I'm obviously not as clevber as some of the cool cats who see this as an attempt at a "wah" so will answer.

    You'll get all the kit you need, but you may like to buy some items that will make life a little bit more comfortable, particularly in the field.

    For example, a decent "woolly" hat, but not one made of wool, rather look for Thinsulate. Avoid bright colours and black, look for olive green, brown, grey. Head torches are great pieces of kit, but you don't need to buy on bright enough to illuminate satellites in near-earth orbit. For some reason you will only be issued one water bottle, so look for at last one more, issue variety, or some kind of Camelbak / bladder system.

    You'll be issued a basha but only two bungees, so look to have at least six; again, no brightly coloured "disco" bungees. Decent tent pegs are also worth investing in.

    You'll not be allowed to use gas at the ATU but you probably will at your Phase Two training, so don't rush to buy a Jetboil just yet. A decent lighter is also of use. Wetwipes always come in handy, I usually take gel hand sanitiser into the field.

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