TA EOD Operators

To add, I see they do recruit into that role, what other roles to they recruit into and how long does the trade training take for each.

(I'm interested in the sharp end of their job)
Their is no such thing as a "sharp end" TA EOD operator! It takes long enough to train a Regular to carryout this job (years). I'm afraid your weekends and summer camps would not suffice!
It is extremly brave, but your title was EOD Operator, she is a Engineer Searcher. The title EOD refers to Disposing of the found IED not finding it!
Their is no such thing as a "sharp end" TA EOD operator! It takes long enough to train a Regular to carryout this job (years). I'm afraid your weekends and summer camps would not suffice!
Wrong. 101 had TA EOD operators until quite recently, although I've heard through the grapevine that the whole regiment is now regular. Edited to add Im sure someone more in the know and not just making shit up will be along shortly.
Ok, I'll rephrase.

The TA can join the RE as an EOD Operator but they cannot join the RLC as an AT building upto High Threat/AMT.
WhatAmIdoing, fair play, but you would be upset if you called for a EOD Operator in Th and a Soldiers with a mine detector turned up!
Heres a thought

Instead of showing how Very Clever you all are, why not actually try to help the bloke?

Just a thought.


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PM this chap who, if he can't help, will point you in the right direction.
Here is another thought, getting to the point of his question IS helping out as he was confused between EOD and REST!

WAID - There are a number of difference between RLC and RE EOD Operators and it is a bit political so I'm chosing not to go there! PM me if you want.
I don't have a PSI anymore...well, I suppose I do, technically until I take the surprisingly useful black holdall back from where I got it.

BTW, this is all only marginally more than idle interest, so hence why I'm not ringing up people like I'm interested in a job, as it would be a waste of their time.
Ive just completed a 6 month tour of afganistan i was a member of a barma team and was out with my vallon every day and during the later part of my tour did a horn course and used horn. Before going to chilwell i had no knowledge of Vallon barma or even ecm now im going back to my TA unit and id like to build on the knowledge and experience ive gained. Could anybody tell me wether their are any appropriate courses i could do or would i have to transfer to a speacialist TA unit?
Are you ex or soon to leave Royal Engineers, (or RAF/RN), RESA, EOD, Ammo Tech or other suitably qualified personnel? We are starting a new company and need suitably qualified personnel to staff it. (We will also be looking for other specialists in the area of portable power, logistics and mechanics, so if you have a specialism there, please also feel free to drop me a line. Your details will be kept for future use)

Good rates of pay, and I mean very good, none threat work environment with good rotations. Flights, food and accommodation will be free.

This isn't a spoof or some kind of fly by night operation which will send you out to the middle of no-where with little or no kit and then pay you peanuts. This is a serious proposition and so please, only respond if you are genuinely interested.

I spent 12 years in the Royal Signals and the last 18 years in the police. I am now moving on and have been asked to scope this out. If we can recruit the right people, we will launch the project.

If you are genuinely interested, don't worry about a cv at this time, just contact me on g.techclear@gmail.com - you don't even need to tell me your name or any contact details, so don't worry about personal security. I in turn will brief you on the who, where, what and when's, etc.


you can't be an EOD operator with the TA and the only regiment that can offer the closest thing to it is 101 Royal Engineers where you can specialise in doing search or disposal (think garbage collector but only with explosives). 101 are so called "a regular regiment" but are more or less still TA. EOD Operators are now only regulars due to budget cuts and it's true what the lads here say...it takes years to train and you have to prove yourself. Oh yeah, and most of them are officers. Still, if you want to be a "snippy" I'd suggest you call up 101 and speak to their PSI. He's...erm....a nice guy.
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