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Do they have slots for military qualified divers?

I know a chap ex RAN Clearance diver who is moving to the UK. He is interested in joining the TA. He is an experienced SNCO and diver.

Do the qualifications and rank transfer to the TA Engineer Regiments?

Silly Question....isn't the diver course supposed to be harder than AACC and P-Coy?

Just something I heard, not saying its gospel, im preparing for incoming! Just wanting some clarification, thats all!


Yes.. you are right.. The Military Divers Qual.. is V hard.. some say as you indiicate that it is harder than AACC/ P Coy etc..

This chap only has the problem of passing AACC to join 131 who have a dive unit.. Otherwise, I do not know of any other Sapper TA units who have dive teams..
Copperhead said:

Yes.. 131 Troop locations are London, Birmingham, Bath and Plymouth..


Bearing in mind the one in Bath is embryonic, as part of the new Commando Engineer Regiment. They're after experienced chaps as well as recruits.

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