Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by barbs, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. An extract from something crossing my inbox:

    Furthermore an application has been made for a TA officer post in each RTC to act as ROCC(V)/CLM(V) mentor.
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    msr LE


    Looks interesting, I only wish we could access it via armynet or similar, as it would make life so much easier to access the info from home.

    What's an RTC?

  3. I abbreviated it believing it to be well known in the other One Army circles - Regional Training Centres (I assume a name change from BSTTs).
  4. www.da.mod.uk/mk
  5. msr

    msr LE

    They've thought of everything ;)

    It will be good to see the TA eMK1 up there.

    Thanks to Darth_Doctrinus I have a rather useful set of books...

  6. 20 Hours... that's laughable... It's widely recognised that the MK1 course is equivalent to 60 hours of work done in your own time. The workload in the first year is pretty heavy to say the least... MK1, Mod 5, and the assumption by your Unit that because you are new(ish) you will attend every event the Regt. cares to plan. Frankly when you've done 5 w/e's in a row and someone suggests that you're not putting in the effort because you're missing the sixth for personal reasons, well, it's hard to restrain yourself from driving a bayonet up to the hilt into their face...

    It's still the best job in the world but for f**k sake give us a break.
  7. msr

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    Before you go off on one, I think you'll find that in future the TA will do a cut down version of MK1, to be known as 'TA eMK1'.

  8. Thought this was an appropriate thread to mention the 1st 4 themes of the 10 themed IIP Standard the Army has signed up for (edit to add - insofar as it applies to this issue). (I'm an IIP(S) Advocate for those who don't know)

    Part 1 and 2 clearly satisfied. 4 might be already (and almost certainly will be) when all the Stakeholder Boards have thrashed this out. Part 3, not a chance as long as the TA remain the Unreal Army (as oppose the the Real Army). (edit to add - I might be being a bit unfair there because so many of our senior managers - i.e. Reg 1* and 2* decision makers - do not have the in-depth knowledge of the TA that they would need to get this bit absolutely right and I have no fair means of assessing whether or not they are doing enough to find out)
  9. OK... I know this is going to sound contradictory but why do we have a cut down version? I don't mind doing the longer one if a) we have more time and b) we get paid accordingly for it.
  10. msr

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    A number of complaints were made about the amount of time required to study for the full length one and questions were asked about how valid some of the information was.

  11. A young subaltern joins the unit with some crazy idea that he will lead a platoon of men if not on operations, then on exercise in the first two years of his career, before possibly doing some courses...

    Instead, he gets dropped straight into Bde level YO development training (this is a gas mask, here's how to put it on) sent on his 2 week Special to arms course. That's his first year in the TA, and he still hasn't seen his platoon.

    Then MK1 starts. Every weekend, the regiment takes him away and teaches him about the rotor span of a chinook. Annual camp this year is JOTACC!

    So he's been in two years, never seen a Pte soldier, picked up his second pip and, if he's old enough, (because according to this he is certainly qualified) he can promote and drop straight into that desk job that the unit needed filling....

    Or he's left the TA, because that's not what the adverts said it would be like.

    I'm not saying that TA officers don't need development in order to bring them up to par with regular officers, but is this the way to do it?
  12. msr

    msr LE

    First three years more like.

    So what are your suggestions?

  13. [Said in a hopeful manner] Maybe a typo and it should be 20 days? [/Said in a hopeful manner]
  14. Why not simply make it a weekend that is run three/four times a year? As TA soldiers, we're used to working longer hours on courses than Regular Units, who simply spread the time over a longer period.

    Twenty hours = 2 slightly long days.

    If each Regiment herded all their officers into one place, with the Training Major, Adjt and perhaps CO/R2ic being on hand for questions, there'd be none of this "Where do I find the time?"

    And perhaps then, CO's/OC's would be able to refute up their chain of command that it "only takes 20 hours" to complete.

    They'd also be able to provide feedback on why a longer course might be more suitable, as all I can see happening at the moment, is that this is another reason for the Regular Army to decide that they don't need TA officers for anything other than the jobs that no Regular Army officer wants to do, (or be seen doing perhaps?)
  15. msr

    msr LE

    If you view it as pre-reading for JOTAC, it becomes an easier pill to swallow.