TA Embedded REME VM - How to get the ball rolling!


I have been in the TA for a few years (joined initially in 2001), what with moving around a bit I have transferred twice and now with a Corps unit where I would like to take up a potential opportunity as an embedded REME VM.

I just want to know a bit about how to get going, reason being I need my PSI to jack up some training/assessment he's a busy bloke and I realise one lad wanting to do a VM course might not be top of his agenda, so I want to do some of the homework for him! He recently put me down for another 2 week trade course and two weeks before it was due to start I chased for joining instructions and found out I didn't have a place... I do appreciate PSI's are busy but I would like to just try and steer this opportunity a little!

I have spoken to an SNCO in the MT and yes there is a potential slot, he's full time ex reg and not too clued up on how a TA bloke gets started, rarely around on drill nights and really needs my PSI to get the ball rolling.

So from what I have read on here there are two weekends of assessment that would take place with an actual REME unit? So can blokes basically request to go on this? Are these still referred to as "Start Standards"?
Subsequent to this a two week course to become a VM class 3? Presumably I could call my local REME unit and ask when these weekends are coming up?

Last time I spoke to my PSI he was querying whether I feel I am mechanically minded, which with a classic Landy I am frequently taking apart and fixing I feel I am. I have genuine interest in mechanics and can do basic servicing, fault finding I have changed a carb, replaced an oil filter housing, replaced a stater motor etc... I have some basic gas welding and brazing experience and some machine shop (lathe and mill) qualifications I did as part of a degree with an Engineering bias. However it would be great to get more of an idea of what I would be expected to demonstrate at Start Standards weekends?


I want to be able to collar my PSI and say, "right I need to be put down for assessment [start standards?] at a local REME unit.. if I pass those then a two week course at Bordon... etc etc... " Using all the correct jargon and course names!

I'd also like to be able to say, "the assesment is going to involve things like... fault finding etc etc" and I can make my own case for being of a mechanical mind!

Thanks in advance,



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The dates for start standards and VM Basic are both in the SEME course schedule along with the appropriate applications forms. You need to place a bid in good time and then wait for the course to be loaded at which point you will know if you have a place.

First question - What capbadge is your unit? What capbadge are you?

If you aren't already in a REME position and wearing a REME capbadge (untrained) you won't be loaded on any REME courses.

Second question - do they not have an NRPS REME PSI?

If yes, why is he not dealing with trade training in respect of his REME soldiers rather than the PSI/SPSI who I assume is of another Corps.

Third question - Have you raised you unit's inability to get you squared aware on courses to the OC LAD?

If you are REME, he is your boss. If you have problems raise them to him via the CoC.

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