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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Scottish_retard, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. This is no doubt a mong question, but:

    I presume a TA ED (or Royal Signals Electrician) has to be able to drive to get "trade pay"???

    I've done my Class 2, but have yet to learn to drive, so am still on 'trainees pay'.

    Want to double check I'm not seeing myself off for Class 2 pay, as some bloke who knows some bloke who knows some bloke that might have got it,who also couldn't drive.

    Although the clue is in the name to me.
  2. Yes, you do have to be able to drive.

    How else would you get a PV or FEPS into a location?

    Amgine the sh1te you would get if an Operator or Thicknition had to drive your gene to a location.
  3. Within the TA there is no such thing as "Class 2 pay" - the only reason to get up graded is to qualify for promotion!

  4. Not a mong question, it should be contained within SOinC(A) Policy Directive 103 Promotion of Royal Signals TA Soldiers. I don't believe soldiers in 2 (NC) Sig Bde need driving quals (or trade) to get promoted, the only post that needs a driving qual is Yeoman of Signals who needs a C+E licence :?

    I think this is different (not for YofS) in 12 Sig Grp, you need to be C+E to be class 2 and LCpl
  5. Sorry, my info was incorrect. An ED must have a Cat C license to become a class 3 soldier (and C+E for class 1). The RSTO's are on an ArmyNET sharepoint site .. 38 Sig Regt or DCCIS.

    p.s. I think this makes my SSM an NFQ
  6. And my last post is incorrect, you need to get the latest version of SOinC(A) Policy Directive 101 (Nov 2007). If I'm reading it correctly quite a large number of soldiers need to get driving sorted in order to get promoted.