TA Driving license.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scamsr, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Basically I only have a provisional license, will this restrict me being aloud in to the TA. I am thinking of joining an infantry unit. So here are my questions -
    Does the unit provide transport, bus coach etc?
    If not how would i get there if i can not drive?
    Also would they be able to teach me how to drive, i am not bothered as i can learn in civilian ways, i have all ready a load of lessons.
    How does training work, if i am the only 'recruit' in the unit will i travel alone etc? Go to to the training weekends on my own. Thanks, appreciate the help.
  2. You can join the TA, if you're expected to drive you may be trained. Transport will be provided.
  3. Don't worry about the driving licence, you'll fail on English, spelling and grammar.

    It's not the Regular Army, there are standards.

    The only bugger that gets a free lift into work is the CO. Once you are at your 'home' Drill Hall transport will be provided to offsite training
  4. There is one problem you will experience. Whilst the other troops are assaulting a hill, pairs fire maneouvre, each in their own individual Land Rovers, you'll just have to run and try and keep up.
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  5. What is wrong with my spelling, I will have you know i got a B at GCSE and i have studied English Language and English Lit at A-level. My English may be 'poor' but your way of interpreting it, stinks! Thank you for the answer though.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Many TA units provide battle hardened warriors to help people learn how to drive. They look a little like this.

    View attachment 92947
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Nowt. "will this restrict me being aloud in to the TA".

    Dunno. But I am sure Cpl Laboon will be along shortly. She will advise you.
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  8. You'll have to be very quiet about that.
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  9. Since you ask, there are many errors in your first post; I counted eighteen. You would appear to be a good example of why the grades were tightened up this year, they obviously have been marking far too leniently.
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  10. H3

    H3 LE

    I can answer your questions in order ... No , Catch a bus , No , Catch a bus ( again ! ) No - at a later date maybe ie 3 yrs etc ! I doubt you'll be the ONLY one so you'll travel as a group .

    Here's a novel idea ..... Ask them ;0)
  11. You don't need any sort of driving licence to join the TA. Your provisional will be satisfactory as you won't be able to drive anyway. If you get the chance for driver training later then you'll be under instruction with L plates etc. But that has nothing to do with joining in the first place.

    How you get to your TA centre will be up to you, so choose you that you can reach by public transport, walking, cycle etc. When you fill in your application forms you'll get asked about your method of travel so you can get reimbursed that expense- unless that's bit changed, I could be out of date about that.

    Later, you might meet someone you can buddy up with who can drive you to and from TA nights in their car and you can bung than a couple of quid. Once you are at TA, if you have to go elsewhere then transport is normally provided. When they send you off to do your basic training for a couple of weeks, so that you become a "Trained TA Soldier". They will probably give you a travel warrant that you swap for a train ticket. Plus instructions of how to get there.

    This is just a basic outline, for detailed answers that will be specific to you and your TA centre you must speak up and ask them - and read whatever documents they give you.

    Before they send you off for your basic training, they will most probably arrange some introductory recruit level training for you locally. Maybe a series of days and weekends.

    I hope this helps you. Thank you for your interest in joining the British Territorial Army.
  12. We have to ferry our sprogs to and from recruit training weekends in case they fall asleep at the wheel.
  13. Poor effort.
    See me after school.
  14. Well done you.

    "aloud in to the TA" luckily my stinking way of interpreting things translated that into "allowed into the TA"
  15. The standards in GCSEs these days must be poor if you got a B and can't even spell 'allowed'.

    As for getting to the TA centre, that's up to you! It's not the TA's responsibility to get you to the TA centre on drill nights and training weekends. What is it with young folk like you who seem to think the World owes you something and everything is just handed to you?
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