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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dynasmon, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. how often is this happening

    'put out a rumour that x,y,z, is happening on a certain drill night an heaps of people turn up ?

    which is great because some weeks it can be a bit quiet - and we need those bods if the activities are going to be worthwhile in both cost and staffing, but how long before people start to fail to turn up because they expected one thing and got another.

    What do other units do on their drill nights ?
  2. People turn up on a promise of something exciting....and get sod all?

    I see 2 issues here:

    1 - that the TA people are that unmotivated that they need to be coaxed (not co-ax'd) to attend


    2 - They rock up expecting good stuff, to find it's no different from the norm......cry wolf and all that jazz.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    First parade in PT kit, then straight into 45 mins of Coy phys. Second period a lesson relevant to a forthcoming exercise, or MATT preparation.

    There are always changes to programmes forced upon you. Never promise what you don't intend to provide, and always explain why the programme has had to be changed if necessary.
  4. My favourites are rocking up to a drill night to find bizarre subject of zero relevance inflicted on all*

    Or rocking up with a set of jobs/objectives that need achieving only to get dicked about doing something pointless.

    Drill nights are balls.

    *by all I mean the juniors. Heaven forbid any of the seniors/ruperts sit through the pish they inflict on us lowly types.

    P.S. I'm aware that the obvious responce to my points is "what are you doing about it". The answer being that my CoC seem to like reading about my exploits on here, so I may aswell exploit it.

    P.P.S. Yes I'm a grumpy cunt at the moment.
  5. Well you're half right
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The usual drill night is split in two with the first half being a PT session and the second half being either a lesson and/or admin. The PT is usually just a run or a loaded march especially if the PTI isn't in as we have a couple of ETLs, but sometimes the PTI will bring in some gym equipment for us to do circuits etc. The lessons are either MATTs, Skill At Arms or Field Craft type affairs.

    The unusual drill nights have included everything from a Nav Ex or blank fire section attacks in a nearby training area, to helicopter drills at a local RAF base. The training programme is set out for 6 months and everyone gets a copy, but things do change and with exception of the parade on Remembrance Sunday, few things are set in stone, but still the programme mostly unfolds as advertised.
  7. Thats really bad organisation. The training programme can be worked out and published well in advance so staff are prepared - FFS we are supposed to be forecasting events on BLENHEIM out 3 years, a rolling 3 month training programme should not be a problem ?

    The fall-back when there is a problem and the promised item can't be delivered should always be a decent interesting lesson, if the staff can't manage that they need a talking to - the old "keep a spare lesson in your back pocket" bit.

    ...and if the bod in question is a fat knacker hanging on pretending to be an "enabler" when in fact they are a disorganised morale hoover - sack em.
  8. Quite often the the program is in place with identified instructors from the RF ranks to do the Trg.

    Challenge the soldiers to give instruction on topics they can deliver

    often i'm dissapointed that they the individuals ring (or dont) to reveal why they wont be attending to give their lesson.

    That kind of attitude does grip my shite - responsibility for Trg and Instruction should be given to the RF by the RF. (It is their train set for the night).

    Often its the PSis that have to have that spare lesson in their back pocket in order to acheive at least something productive for the night.
  9. Familiar story, unfortunately. Although efforts by individuals to try and put in a decent lesson lastminute.com is always appreciated.
  10. Agreed, by "staff" I meant all the possible instructors, TA or Regular.

    In my experience the problem most often arises with the recruit training team and its cyclical. Starts off with a good, keen team lead by a young thruster. Recruits fully occupied and enthused. A year later he is moved on and replaced by a slightly less energetic bod..... a year later and a real has-been is in the post, well inside his comfort zone, churning out old, dull lessons and drinking a lot of coffee. Things get to the point where the CoC notice, RRTT gets shaken up and a young thruster is appointed....

    The problem is with the CoC for letting the thing slip. The knacker needs to be guided into retirement or at worst a useful role with the quarty or MT, while a good role model is found for the training team, even at the expense of a capacity elsewhere.

    I've been hammered on here before for suggesting it - but some "enablers" do need to be gently shown the door. "He always turns up" is not good enough, if when he does turn up he discourages young soldiers through attitude or example. They join up for interest and excitment, not a half cocked period of weapon cleaning overseen by Jabba The Hutt.
  11. Familiar to me too!

    I agree my vehicle needs to be kept working etc but I've first paraded it every wed for the last x no of weeks!

    then sweep up!

    we get some cracking lessons when they happen!

    surely to get to do phys you need a PTI on site ?
  12. Invite people for a run?
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    As mentioned in my previous post, an Endurance Training Leader (ETL) can take troops on a run or load march on a route pre-selected and approved by a PTI. Our PTI can't always make it in on Tuesday nights, so one of the ETLs will take us out.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Get people PTI qualified?
  15. Touche. :D

    You try in an RLC unit...