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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wrighty263, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Hi All,Apologies if this has already been covered, but i cannot find anything recent on the TA not getting LSA.I returned from a 2 week exercise in the Falklands to find my latest pay statement has not been credited with LSA. When i queried this with my unit admin, i was told "the TA dont get LSA"Thinking this was a bit strange seeing how i recieved LSA for time spent in Brunei the year before, i looked up the JSP on allowances.To quote JSP 752 CH05.0105 "Reserve Forces Personnel. Members of the Reserve Forces, and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers, will be eligible for LSA in line with their Regular counterparts "The version of the JSP is V17and is dated 3 Dec 12.Has this been ammended already?? Has anyone else been told the TA no longer recieve LSA, as this was news to me! Any help would be greatly appreciated on the issue.Many thanks!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Was it your camp?
  3. Yes it was.
  4. Yes, you are entitled. Check that you were properly 'Move and Tracked' into and out of theatre. The LSA should have been started at the same time.

    Additionally you may need to call your local Fire Brigade and inform them that you have an Administrator who's pants are burning fiercely.
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  5. msr

    msr LE

    Not for camp, as I understand it.

  6. Funny. The TA Chefs who have been over here in Cyprus on their 2 week camp got it.
  7. Funny you should mention Legs, I know for a fact that i was not tracked properly as none of the TA blokes were entitled to welfare phone cards as we were not logged on JPA as being in the Falklands.MSR, i have heard that you are not entitled to it if it is your annual camp before. However i cannot find any reference to this and i was in reciept of LSA AUG 11 for annual camp in Brunei, and LOA in AUG 09. I still think the unit admin is wrong to say the TA dont recieve LSA full stop though.
  8. A 2 weeks camp does not mean it is counted as your 'annual camp'. If the chefs had already done a 2 week camp, counted by their admin as their annual camp, then for the other 2 week camp in Cyprus they could get LSA.

    If that is not the case then they should not be entitled to LSA and someone's messed up.

    So if you are planning to do 2 or more 2 week camps (courses) and one of them is somewhere outside the UK, always ensure that you ask your admin staff to make the UK one your official camp and then you can claim LSA for the other. If they don't do that you can't claim.
  9. The exemption of TA personnel on Annual Camp is in JSP 752 Cap 05.0107g (INELIGIBILITY).

    Capter 5 does state that TA/Reserve forces are eligible to LSA in line with the Regular Forces with the exception of 05.0107g.
  10. Out of interest does anyone know where you stand if you have mobilised? I know you have a 2nd army number for when you mobilise, is there any way to transfer LSA days accrued whilst mobilised to that of your TA number?
  11. Good question - I've never had LSA via the TA.

    My LSA days as a result of deploying are on every payslip - both those whilst mobilised, and those whilst back on my usual service number and TA-ing. So hopefully that answers your last question, but some guidance as to the rest would be welcome!
  12. Plant Pilot - i did see the ineligibility clause at JSP 752 Chap 05.0107h. This refers to RFA 96 Section 22 and 27. Im RFA is Reserve forces Act, and if so both sections refer to that of reservists who are called up for mobilisation.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    No you don't. You only ever have one number (under JPA).
  14. Perhaps army number was the wrong terminology to use.What i meant was the Employee number that appears on your payslip. For example my TA slip is 300xxxxx, but when i mobilised, it changed to 300xxxxx-2.
  15. I think he means your '-1' or even '-3' number.
    You have one Army number, but if you are mobilised you have the same number with -1 on the end, and if you have another contract eg ADC you will get a -2 or even -3.
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