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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by error_unknown, Jan 18, 2005.

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  2. Understand what you mean, we've just recently got rid of our mong.
    JNCO's in particular struggled to work with the mong, I made constant complaints to ????- I was worried that our JNCO's were gonna take the mong around the back and give him a good kicking, so getting them into trouble. (The mong had been kicked out of regs, so had problems with him knowing the system better than many of us :!: ).

    Maybe AGAI 67 will help us deal with these mongs, makes punishments a lot easier to do. Sigs Forum has discussed it.

  3. Beat me to it, I was just looking it up :)
  4. Yeah seems fine in theory, but then the current system of charging if difficult to employ in the TA. Will this AGAI 67 be any different?
  5. I think the paper work is far less and its far easier for JNCO's/Sgts to issue punishments (just need to get CSM to ok it - minor administrative issues only).

    Interestingly by default punishments/extra's can't be carried out over weekends
    :!: :!: :!: (CO needs to ok it thro Part 1's)
  6. The main reasons that administrative action or charging doesn't happen in the TA is that:
    a. The CSM hasn't got a backbone.
    b. The unit has the discipline of a chav (Read 'Ned' for jockanese)
    c. The most likely option is that the officers and seniors in your unit dont have the training and/or dont understand the principles and punishments involved.

    Having said that, 17 years in and not a charge sheet to my name (recieved or issued!!!!). Because they know I will.

    As for said mong, have your Pl Comd or CSM suggest to your OC (or if they are brave CO) that mong be ejected from the TA under section 10, (can also be used to reduce spacker NCO's to the ranks - no such luck with chinless wonder officer types thought, never mind!!!!!!!!!)
  7. jsp - I think options a and c apply. I'd love to suggest section 10 but with the numbers crisis in the TA I don't think that would be a winner.

    Thanks for the advice, it seems that AGAI 67 might have the answer, I had it in black and white that AGAI 67 'applies at all times, to all members of the Regular and Territorial Army'.

  8. Glad to help. I understand the old war cry of the numbers game, but getting rid of mong will increase the morale and cohesion in your unit and possibly your credability. I had similar problems - mong got sacked and three lads walked through the door who were
    (I obviously paraphrase as the brain cells are not what they used to be!)

    Good luck with the chain of command thing.
  9. Same happened at my unit, unfortunatley for me - one of those about to return is gonna want her old job back :cry:

    Another reason why we don't charge or take administratice action is we don't normally need to and offences when they happen need major administrative action which is way above my authority.

    Suppose we should get more training on the subject as we get mobilised far more often these days and were working with regs - who don't behave as much as TA do.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    What? :eek:

  11. but far more likely is the fact that admin action rarely comes to fruition. I've never seen it. When said mong realises it's serious, a black bin bag full of kit appears outside the CQMS's door and said mong is always 'out' when you ring him. STABs don't stick around - because they don't have to.
    I agree, a good admin kicking every now and then, pour encourager les autres, is good for morale - the good soldiers don't like seeing a mong getting away with it.
  12. That wouldn't be a bad result of the action. :twisted:
  13. If he was not issued the kit charge him with stealing Army property. :twisted:

    Map to Grid the waster.
  14. I see you're back with a vengance. I have checked the new AGAI 67 and find myself in an easy position to issue a minor admin action. The CSM signs it, job done and on his record. Start building the case to rid ourselves of mongs.
  15. Small minded and petty... thats me

    Glad to be of help.