TA Discharge Certificate

Hi all, wasnt sure where was best to put this one but hey. Currently applying to the RN but I used to be in the TA. When I left I never recieved a discharge certificate, only my certificate of service. My recruiter needs said Discharge Certificate apparently to process my application further. To show I wasnt ejected from the TA by a size 9 boot up the arrse I suspect :)

Wrote to APC in Glasgow today requesting the Discharge Cert and I was wondering if anyone knows how long they usually take to handle this sort of request..

Thanks in advance for any imput :)
This might sound a bit obvious, but i don't mean to take the urine. Have you checked that your cert isn't also your discharge as well? I'm long out of date but form 108 was what it used to be. With minor versions of it such as 108d being just a folded piece of A4 having the discharge on the back.
Hows it going smiler, got my date 4 1/2 months ago fella, you probably should have stuck with mate.

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