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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by warpig, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Hello

    I have been looking at joining the TA in the Devon area. Specifically I have been considering 6 Rifles or Royal Wessex Yeomanry.

    If you belong to one of these organisations can you let me know a bit about the unit? What do you do on drill nights? How many ex-regulars? How often does the unit go on tour? How long does it take to do your trade training?

  2. It is obviously up to you, but I would say go and visit both units on a training night, stay for a drink in the bar, and see where you fit in best. The Royal Wessex Yeomanry or more particularly D (Royal Devon Yeomanry) Sqn, RWxY are based at Paignton and Barnstable. The Jobs the Sqn offers are Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank Gunner, Loader, Driver, Commander (eventually), landrover driver, Signaller, Medic, Truck driver, Reconnaissance soldier, Mechanic, and a wide range of other specialists. 6 Rifles will be able to offer a number of differing roles, in particular infantry close combat soldier, but the main difference is mobility. Are you able to think for yourself, work in small independent teams, read the situation and make your own decisions? If so The RWxY is for you. If crawling around, shooting people, throwing grenades and carrying your house on your back interest you, then think about 6 Rifles. Both units send plenty of people on operations, but each will claim more.

    However, location has to play a large part in your choice. If you don’t want to travel too far, join the unit nearest to home. 6 Rifles is a good unit with some excellent soldiers, as is D Sqn RWxY. Work out what interests you most, cut through the recruiting clap trap and see the units for what they really are. Get in touch and see how interested they are in you. Ultimately, the first 4-6 months will entail the same training no matter which unit you join as you go through the recruit training process. Ultimately if you think you have made a mistake, you can always transfer.
  3. Marabout has summed it up brilliantly. I am in D Sqn, RWxY and we are recruiting so if reconnaisance is your thing, your best bet is to come along to Paignton or Barnstaple on a wednesday night and see what you think. Barnstaple is manned permanently during the week so you can call in on the off chance or better still call 01271 345471 to make an appointment.
  4. There's also an RLC unit down that neck of the woods (plymouth I think?) and a medical bunch as well. There's also national units if you don't mind travelling. However, you could do a lot worse than D sqn RWxY. Speaking from personal experience they're a really good bunch of blokes and there are plenty of opportunities to go on tour.
  5. If you want to sit in a landrover and make tank noises join the Yeomanry. If you want to be part of a forward thinking modern battalion that is part if a large regimental family which offers a wide range of opportunities, then join 6 Rifles.
    Biased? Who? Me?!

    Marabout summed it up nicely to be fair. Horses for courses and all that. Where abouts in Devon are you?
  6. Or you could push yourself a bit, RMR Bristol has a detatchment on the Hoe in Plymouth or at CTCRM Lympstone.
  7. Thanks a lot guys, especially marabout for your posts. I live in the Torbay area, but will shortly be moving to Ivybridge with the GF. I've sounded her out about joining the TA and doing a tour and she is ok'ish about that (hopefully work will be to).

    I could join one of the National units, but tbh I prefer the idea of joining a local self contained unit, either by using my old role in that unit or doing something completly new. A friend of a friend used to work at D Sqn and loved it. I will also check out the locations of 6 Rifles and 155 Wessex Reg (cheers Countrylad) this weekend as the GF is from Plymouth so she can show me where they are.
  8. Platoon from D Coy 6 Rifles at Millbay TAC in Plymouth. Along with 300 Tp, 131 Independent Cdo Engineers.
  9. Recruiting for the RLC! I'll never live it down!
  10. Cheers OTB. Missus has already been told. She knows where it is apparently, so will check this out.
  11. You don't want me putting in a good word for you then!!!
  12. If you really want a challenge then either go for 383 Cdo Petrolum Troop RLC, Deriford TAC or 300 Tp, 131 Independent Cdo Engineers, Milbay TAC as you will have to pass the AACC(TA) at Lympstone once you have your basic and trade done.
    Good luck what ever you choose.
  13. Hello mate I'm from D coy 6 Rifles based in plymouth , its the closest unit to you in ivy bridge as well as the only infantry unit in plymouth .We have a strong base of recruits at the moment which grows weekly so there are plenty of people in the situation as you. If your interested PM me and il answer any questions you have and you can do your RFCC in the rifles as well if you want by the way.

    RFCC not AACC (TA) ;)