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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jcarver007, May 22, 2011.

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  1. I have looked on previous threads about length of deployment and conditions but a lot of replies seem to differ. Could anyone advise as to what is the norm for length of time of TA deployment in theatre and length of time of pre training for deployment.
    Also, and this may sound like a daft question, is it possible to be deployed very soon after Phase 2 or is it the norm to give TA soldiers some time to aquire more skills before going? Do you have to register your ability to be deployed or is it more a case of when needed your going.

    My business will be changing a lot this year so need to know whether there is a chance of call up whilst this transition is taking place.

    Thanks for any advice given....
  2. Time in theatre is normally 4 or 6 months - most usually 6. PTD varies on the role - if you are going as an IA to a deploying unit, it will depend on them and where they want you to join in their prep cycle - it can be as much as 4 months. If you are going to a specialist role, hey, well, some people get lots, some people get a weekend off.

    It depends on your role - normally, they are going to want to take people with something positive to contribute. As some of the reg posters have said "warm body" is no longer sufficient.

    At the moment, we are on "intelligent mobilisation". Therefore you must volunteer to be mobilised. That can take the form of putting your name down, at the unit or with Glasgow, or it can be sticking your hand up when a trawl comes around. If, because your business is changing, you currently don't want to go - don't worry, you ain't going.
  3. Thanks Idrach for the reply, much appreciated. With regards to mobilising, yes want to go, but at same time the need to make sure that my business is running properly and smoothly would be a greater priority. Hopefully that will not take too long.

    Anyone have any ideas on which TA are being earmarked for future herrick operations?
  4. just about all of them ask your unit
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Earmarked, that is, not guaranteed....