TA deployment to cover UN commitment to Cyprus

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Max_Bialystock, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. I was half listening to BFBS earlier and I'm sure they said in their news bulletin that a TA composite organisation was being sent to Cyprus to cover the UN tour obligation there (or part of it, at least.)

    Assuming 1) I didn't hear it wrong and 2) BFBS didn't get it wrong (unlikely), does anybody know anything? It seems an odd use for the Reserve...
  2. Yep, you heard correctly.

    Official reason is to free up more regular troops for other commitments.

    i.e. take one of the only 'sunshine' tours left and leave us with all the sh!tho@e tours.

  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Hmm, not sure how that would go down at the office. Usually, we get sympathy when mobilised. I cant see bosses being happy for their staff to disappear for 6 months or so to cyprus...
  4. Poor TA......now they cannot complain about being used as poly filla!
  5. Ok, where do I sign up?
  6. WhiteHorse don't bother, the Territorial Army is a waste of space full of civi wombats playing at soldiers who know next to nothing about real soldiering who are more likely to get themselves killed, we laugh at them because they're pathetic.

    Here's a solution to the TA though:

    a) STOP paying the Territorial Army members a bounty because that's all they are there for.

    b) DON'T allow the Territorial Army to use the names and cap badges of regular regiments.

    c) DON'T give the Territorial Army members the same uniform, make them wear plain green overalls.

    d) DON'T waste resources on the Territorial Army when us regs can make better use of them.

    e) DON'T allow their dopey half trained officers loose near us, we never salute the idiots anyway.

    f) DON'T give Territorial Army guns and ammo, it's a waste and they're a danger to themselves and everyone around them.

    g) DON'T use the Territorial Army for any important duties, they will only **** it up, use them to do jobs like fetching, carrying, cleaning and building.

    h) DO drop the one army shite, it don't wash and can't work and the Territorial Army is a bad joke.

    i) DO keep the Territorial Army out of our way.

    There you have it in black on white what most of us regulars think of the bloody TA.
  7. Ooooooohhh! 8O
  8. The UNFICYP tour was the dullest piece of shite tour I did out of my four trips abroad. Those people who have stagged on in Nicosia will know that it is not a pleasant tour.

    Fair enough, people are not out to kill you (well, no more than in the UK) and you do manage to swan down to Nipple Beach once a month or so. Apart from that there is the constant sniping from the UN HQ cúnts who, almost to a man, hate the British and hate anyone in uniform. They continually pour shite and bullshit down upon the Brit contingent.

    So while physically easy and not dangerous, it is a fúcking boring way of spending 6 months of your life. The only good thing was that you could get excellent but cheap bespoke suits and shirts made.
  9. BTW "Butcher", who the fúck gave a cúnt like you permission to speak on my behalf or for the other 97,000 other soldiers out there?

    There are many threads on here about the ARAB/STAB debate, but it is clear that you are just a trolling mong who is trying to get an O2 badge. Now go and play with your balloon or you won't get any icecream.
  10. Was going to submit a rational post to counter this stereotyped point of view

    However Dread summed it up far better than I could
  11. I trust you are being sarcastic - if not you are sadly lacking in intelligence, awareness and professionalism. Sort yourself out sonny. You let yourself down. Members of the TA have made the ultimate sacrifice just as regulars have done and they deserves more respect. Without them we would never get a break from ops ......you knob.

    Edited for monglish
  12. A) Bounty hunters are a fast dying breed

    B) Thats quite ok. Im happy with mine.

    Oh yeah, you're a cunt.

    Where do I sign?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Sounds like someone from the TA took your bird off you...