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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by C.Norris, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. Hi, during my new recruit briefing at my TA unit, the guy taking it was going over everything we needed to know.

    A point he kept repeating but in little detail was mobilisation to afghanistan, he said that the 10 of us in front of him albeit if we make it through selection, training and become TA soldiers by next June, we would be expected to go on tour to afghan with training for it beginning in September and if we weren't comfortable with that we should leave.

    My question is from september, what will be involved, how long us the pre deployment training, where does it take place, then how long is the tour and what happens on return?

    Hopefully someone who has been there and done it can open my eyes to the duration of the above.

  2. Focus on finishing your training before worrying about tours.
  3. I'm not worried about tours, but it's a question my wife is asking me, as I initially thought a tour was 6 months, but from reading some posts on here about longer ones and training before etc. I would rather know as much as there is to know even at this early stage
  4. It's pretty much a 12 month commitment. Plus a year or so DIE training. So start thinking priorities if your other half is going on about it.
  5. If you go on tour you will be mobilised for around 12 months, this will include pre-deployment training, the tour itself, approx 6 months, give or take a week or two either way, and then post tour leave (POTL).
  6. Straight out of basic into Afghanistan ? Didn't realise the sausage machine was that good these days, tell me was the bloke telling you this a big fat shiny headed stab ?
  7. You need to direct any questions about TA Deployments to Bravo Bravo. He's never actually deployed, but he has watched most of his unit get on the plane. If you need to know anything about stores/MT/rear party duties...he's your man.
  8. Cheers fellas, the guy giving the talk was basically saying that the dates he was given would mean the next group to deploy would do their training in September, does it sound like he is bullshitting or is that maybe the ways things are, it's infantry by the way so maybe thats why it's so soon after basic?
  9. Anything you need to know about trying to get your wife to pretend their kid has leukemia in order to get out of their one chance to do a tasty tour, ask Biscuits, a dishonourably discharged civvie who also has never heard a shot fired in anger.
  10. Believe me whether it's 1 year or 3, the opportunity will not pass me by, I should have joined the army 2 years ago only for the fact my child was just born. I'm now happy enough to be away for a while, has the advantage of getting away from her for a while lol.

    Read all the posts on that DIE thread, so you think I would finish basic then before Pre deployment training I would do 18 months DIE training as well? Or am I picking up wrong.

    Educate me!
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Just take these questions up with your recruiting team. It's their job.
  12. Will do, won't see them for a few weeks though and thought this was the place to get some advice in the meantime
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Didn't think there was any compulsory call ups now?

    How can an instructor predict that you will pass out and then start pre deployment training.
    Unless he knows which battle groups and sub units are deplying early 2013

    Get your training over and done with Full Metal Jacket has been on t.v. recently.
    Cpls and above get excited when it's on.
  14. This

    I thought it was "intelligent mobilisation" these days.