TA Debate... U-Turn

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by magicgrotter, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. 1. Your link is duff, the page has gone

    2. Several other threads on this subject....
  2. On BBC Parliament live right now, discussion
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I drill night per month just announced...

  4. :crash:

    Well thats made everything betterthen hasn't it! I believe the phrase "deeply under-whelmed" doesn't even come close....
  5. Blimey last Tuesday we were told 2 night per month until April?
  6. u sure that wasnt 2 x drill nigths at c1?
  7. That means we will be having two paid a month or so now, woo woo!
  8. No, it was one drill night per month....... that's your lot.

    a)What about the units that have a large recruiting area and don't hold drill nights?

    b) How much financial help is 1/4 days pay a month for those who rely on their TA income?

    c) How much training can be achieved in one evening per month and how effective will it be at maintaining enthusiasm, standards and effectiveness?
  9. It is a head pat at best. It might put some black nasty over a couple of cracks but leave the gapping holes unfilled.
  10. no it's not it's a fecking insult .. just so they can say we listened ...
  11. There will be a feature about TA cuts on Radio 4 PM show at 17:00
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Go and watch the Parliamentary bit if you can - but I will link to the Hansard transcript ASAP anyway. It was very interesting - the Tories kept relatively quiet, as most of the opposition was from the Labour benches. When you have Labour stalwarts like George Howarth, the arch Blairite John Reid (Ex Sec of State for Defence), Sally Keeble and Lindsay Hoyle asking you to "keep the policy under constant review" then you know you are on to a loser.

    I almost felt sorry for Bill Rammell - who did as well as he could, defending his position, and taking it on the chin. He won't be best pleased with Land though! He also managed to slap down one snivelling MP (Tom Watson - check his picture out for the definition of 'trougher') who wanted to blame Gen Dannatt for the decision, calling it the 'first Tory U-Turn'; Minister Rammell made plain it was the new CGS' decision, and Ministers, not Gen D.

    So, it's under Active Review or Constant Review. I'd be astonished if this situation weren't to change again. Of course, a lot depends on whether 1 MTD (equating, in the new cunning plan, to 4 Drill Nights) is enough to calm the TA. I somehow doubt it.