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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. So how did various people cope with TA Day?

    Due to some evil exams I was not present at my one, but it could be worth sharing:

    No. Bods on the ground:
    Potential recruits (AFxyz forms filled in):
    Feedback received from above:

    Was it worthwhile? Any lessons learnt? Did anyone know it was TA day anyway?
  2. er nope, but then I posted on here about two months ago after hearing o the local radio that it was TA week in my region the following week. It would appear it is now beingdone on a regional basis rather than nationally.

    It would also appear that there is some publicity but none internally which must have led to some pretty underwhelming recruiting efforts accross the country.

    My personal opinion is that the whole idea was a bit of a gimmick that someone probably got an MBE for and now that they have moved on it is being quietly forgotten about and we are going back to recruiting locally in a manner more effective for the local circumstances...

  3. Hi all,

    TA Day was Sat 3rd June in the North East (where I am).
    Bad points:
    (1)Strangely, it was held in my local Tesco's carpark, which is obviously a bad choice of location as everyone knows Tesco's is always packed, especially on a Sat.
    (2)Therefore, no room to display equipment or kit used, which is probably why they didn't bother. Display consisted of two Foden 6x6's and two motorbikes, that was it.
    (3)Absolutely no public interest whatsoever in even looking at the display stand.

    And to think I'm thinking of joining this particular unit. All in all, not much of an effort made.
    Did people even know it was TA Day? Didn't look like it.

    Sorry I don't have the specs you were after.
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. You’re wrong there.

    I spent half a day recruiting in our local Morrisons car park, I don’t know how many people we spoke to but we ended up with the contact details of about 12 potential recruits – 5 of whom actually turned up at our TAC.

    It’s more about how you recruit than where you recruit.
    If you stand around waiting for the public to talk to you, you’ll be ignored by most people.
    If you make the effort to chat to anyone and everyone who walks near your recruiting stand then you’ll be bound to find at least 1 or 2 potentials.
  6. Loads of effort put in by the lads, with a good level of attendance and loads of kit on show including two DROPS, G10 and Tp HQ and most of the major RLC trade groups on show. Unfortunately the media campaign failed miserably, bringing two old age spotters and nothing else. The real success was putting a half section down town to feed interested parties into the TAC. In total two have signed up.