TA dates 2011

Can I be the first to say...."Ask your PSI" that's what they are there for, them or your recruiting staff.
Your unit has them. If you wish to complete TSC(Inf) as a consolidated course you will need to attend weekend 14-15 May as a pre-requisite then ask them to book you on.

Consolidated dates are 18 Jun - 02 Jul for Inf.

If you intend on doing TSC(A) as weekend modules rather than the consolidated course the next set run as follows:

Weekend 1 - 14-15 May
Weekend 2 - 11-12 Jun
Weekend 3 - 25-26 Jun
Weekend 4 - 09-10 Jul
Weekend 5 - 23-24 Jul
Weekend 6 - 10-11 Sep
Weekend 7 - 22-23 Oct
Weekend 8 - 26-27 Nov
Weekend 9 - 05-06 Dec

As you can see it will take considerably longer to do it at the weekends.

All based at the RTC at Strensall. Phase 2 will be CIC at Catterick, again 4 YORKS will have the dates and it is best you check with them as soon as possible or you may find yourself waiting around for a place.

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