TA Current Mission Statement - serious question

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Scabbers, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. I'm prepared for some ARRSE humour on this one and, indeed, expect a few derogatory quips and remarks, but I'm researching something and need an answer.

    I don't think that there is a current one Mission Statement - tons of tag lines and and punchy advertising stuff, but no properly constructed paragraph "that says it all".

    This may probably due to One Army Recruiting (OAR) and the fact that the the line between TA, Reserve and Regular Service is slowly fading.

    Been into RFAs 1980 and 96 and TA Regs....nowt.

    So is there a Msn Statement for the TA or not ?

    I'm stood by to be amazed at:

    Knowledge / Humour / tomfoolery and general dogs abuse.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Join the TA! Look like a Regular, Serve like a Regular, get fcuked like a civvy!
  3. Thanks biped...really helpful. Still, my hopes weren't high.....
  4. There is, it goes along the lines of "Provide IRs and formed units to support the regular army on enduring operations etc"

    If only you'd asked yesterday...
  5. Christ man, get a fecking life! Why would you ask such a numb question?
  6. Which makes the best bacon sandwiches, Frying pan or the George Foreman? Now that's a question!
  7. frying pan, everytime. There's a TA soldier a4 booklet with a dvd that gives all the info, specifcally your question. Also, the regimental fact sheet for the QOY deals with it. I can scan mine in if you want?

    on a side note, the women in the dvd are munters. recruiters, get this sorted.
  8. Who cares, bacon sandwiches or egg banjo now thats a question...
  9. Red or brown sauce!, that's another.

    Arby, I don't believe there's a pam which gives advice about bacon sarnies.
    I know the QOY are a bit strange, but that's a bit far fetched even for them!

    But scan it anyway an post it on here.
  10. throughout my training all ive been told is that all ta training is too be brought up to regular standard. everyone joining is to expect to be deployed to iraq/afganistan. would you rather deploy as "regular or ta" seems theres nothing else going off in the world for the ta to support. and would we really be trained enough to work along side regulars in that situation?. would regulars except us? we will always be the weekend warrier no matter what they try to say we are.
  11. Sec 10

    What's that got to do with bacon sarnie question?
  12. my wife make's the best bacon sarnie not george he's a boxer not a cook.
  13. RWY is the unit for bacon sarnies :)

    QOY seem lacking in this department -you need to send your bacon butty leaflet to the other squadrons, Arby!
  14. see thats career advice. Did anyone else get supremely pissed off with the application process for the TA when they joined? It seems really unprofessional, you have to do all the chasing and when you do, you get about 5 different, completely conflicting pieces of information. Having done all the forms, submitted all the docs (including having to order new copies of my qualifications/degrees etc) all you seem to have to do is sit and wait. If it was a civvy job, i'd have ditched it a long time ago.

    thats not fishing, btw.
  15. I thought that this was specially designed to allow the callow young potential recruit to get used to the Army's 'hurry up and wait' (tm) man management system.

    By the way, which squadron are you with and how long have you waited?