Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by nurse, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. well common Terms of service strike again!!!!!

    Just been informed my next step up the ladder won't happen because TA CTOS means that I can't be promoted. Yet people who comissioned after me because of the Antedate system are now Majors on time served and I have to wait till i get through the hurdles and a Majors job is available (which will be never).

    Yet another kick in the teeth

    TD nope can't have that as you're 54 days short you have to have VRSM+2 bars!!!!!
    now nope you won't get majority and though I haven't signed a new contract with CTOS they are being applied despite being told by PSAO's that i'm still am on old terms. Yet in NHS to get Agenda for Change Terms of service they have had to get us to sign new contracts!!!
  2. And I thought it was just us regs who were getting shafted :roll:

    Somewhere there must be a clause, you just have to look and find it my dear :wink:
  3. do you think that you deserve to be promoted to Major?
  4. :lol:
  5. time served!! heres me thinking that people get promoted because they deserve to be and have recommendations in their OJARs!
    Am I in a different army?
  6. time served!! heres me thinking that people get promoted because they deserve to be and have recommendations in their OJARs!
    Am I in a different army?[/quote]

    You mean that you needed to ask that question?
  7. well have arr necessary ticks in box allegedelly except the sqn commanders slot is already filled with an antedate/time served person
  8. but can you honestly put your hand on your heart and say that you deserve to be promoted to major? to be a military ward I/C? Deputy OC Nursing? especially on Ops? a person all below should aspire to be like? obviously somebody somewhere doesnt :oops:
  9. YES I do and have had a wider military experience than most of my Peers. Why I won't get a command slot well I changed units when moving with civilian job and am in a detachment of a sqn.

    What is pissing me off is my date of comission meant I should have had my Majority already but due to my moving it was over looked by my previous unit as they were transfaring me and the new unit won't process it as its now past the change over date. So the people I comissioned with have been promoted I've done alot more than them and I'm now disadvantaged.
  10. Dear Nurse
    Please stop bleating and take on board what FF and D-L have said. Promotion is not a right and if truth were to be told, add up the number of days you have actually served then compare that to your regular counterparts - including non-commisioned. You may realise that your overall military experience level is relatively minor and would not allow you to stand credibly shoulder to shoulder with other majors. If this is not the case, please accept my apologies.

    For what it is worth, commanders turn off v v quickly when they here whining about I deserve to be promoted and I speak from experience as one who detests whiners. If you have been disadvantaged by the system, then re-dress. If not, shut up, crack on and get the reports that will get you promoted.
  11. exactly!!

    I had the same discussion with a TA Medic WO2, banging on about being in the TA for 23 years should be a WO1, deployed on Telic (wow anywhere else? err no!) blah blah blah, I asked him how long he would have served if he added together the days that he actually spent in uniform being paid as a soldier, working off his answer he'd have been lucky to have made it to Sgt in the regs. Drill nights, weekends, 2 week camps and a couple of months on a Telic!! :roll:
    then you meet some cracking lads who have been in the TA for donkeys years and are lance jacks and dont moan at all.
  12. Well same goes for all TA Ranks but Nursing is a little different we do exactley the same Job day in day out in the NHS. And from experience with MDHU system and op tours now get as much military experience as many of our regular counterparts. My major gripe is that People using the antedate system are now majors who have actually served alot less time in TA than many of the Captains who are now being told sorry CTOS rules apply.
  13. Could tell you about a TA Lt-Col nurse who has only done 14 years.......but that would surely depress you more :wink: