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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by kiwiwik, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. Afternoon all

    Not sure if this belongs here or in the Training Wing.. but I've just passed out from my TA TSC(B) at ATC Pirbright and will likely begin trade training in March as a CS Op'r.

    Going to the unit to talk about it on Tuesday but am wondering if there's any info out there as to what to expect, whether it's physically challenging (tabs, CFT, etc) or whether it's all just classroom work and whether it can be done at your local RTC or am I off back to Pirbright/Blandford, somewhere like that..


  2. What unit are you with Kiwi ?
  3. 32 Signal Regt (Volunteers)
  4. Ok, CSop trade training is usually done in a week block by your unit, not RTC or Blandford etc.
  5. Cheers, thanks
  6. It's pretty intensive. The first couple of days you'll be given a lot of theory, so a lot of classroom work but once your over that, plenty of practical towards the end.
    Not much time for phys, if it's at Swynerton - it's not really safe to go out for runs at night, except maybe on the training area but it will be dark most of the time.
  7. Here's a thought for you, why not ask your chain of Command (CoC) i.e Troop Sgt / Ssgt or even Troop Commander, as they will be able to tell you everything you need to know. Than coming on to an internet site for this info.

  8. Morning mate

    What sqn out of interest? 32 is the finest RS reserve regiment her majesty can offer haha!

    Speaking from my experience mine was done over 9 intense days (at Swynnerton) of classroom work, practical and some DS demonstrations (TASCOM etc..). Long as you have your head screwed on you will be ok. A+P and, believe it or not
    , voice procedure is we're most people get lost. It's strange seeing guys who can talk for England but give them a bowman headset and say speak... They soon forget how too...

    As Polar says, there was no time for phys. Mine was in the summer so we were able to get out running around the camp. Think there was a gym but it was the shits!

    Speak with some of your fellow siggies, some will have recently completed the course so you could take a look over their notes etc... Failing that, drop me a PM and I could send you some stuff over (last resort!).

    Have you done your basic signal skills weekends?? Not sure if these still need to be done before you go... If not I would still advise going on them if you can...

  9. Not English grammar then?
  10. Cheers for the info.

    As I'm one of very few recruits coming through at a very small squadron, it would be fairly easy to pinpoint me, if you were recruiting staff at the sqn... and I'd rather stay anonymous, so would rather keep the sqn to myself thanks!

    Haven't been away on any of the weekends yet... trade training will be within the next few months.. all being well, before Q2 this year.

    What's A+P? and why is Swynnerton dangerous? You can't leave the camp grounds?
  11. That's the result of trying to reply to posts on a train with an iPad...
  12. There is an open prison next door, and the training area is littered with holes and the debris from mustard gas manufacturing.
  13. Aww don't be shy... Give us a clue...

    Antennas and Propagation.... Very fun subject to try and learn in a day or so!

    Never ran off camp before but Swynnerton is used a lot for driving courses, maybe Polar was referring to that...?
  14. Or maybe not haha
  15. It's in the middle of nowhere, fast unlit roads.

    Antennas and propagation is a really fun subject. The cheat is to learn how to erect a droppy dipole and to waffle on about ionosphere, sun spots, day night frequency as excuses for your comms not working - works 9 times out 10 with most officers.