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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Trojan700, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Anyone here (TA) going to Crs camp Wyke Regis in Sept (Wymouth) I'm a DS on the JNCO cadre. What's the pubs like and the Accom? :?
  2. pubs are feckin quality (lost many a brain cell in weymouth) & accm depends which camp you go to
  3. I presume you will be at Wyke Regis - so you will probably end up at Chickerill which is just outside Weymouth. No pubs near the accomodation but Weymouth is a blast - been there many a time - you must visit Harry's Bar a quality place.
  4. if you can remember "harry's bar" then you were never really there.
  5. I was told by others....honest
  6. And they didn't mention the black dog....? almost a second home to the Corps...!
  7. Always hit the black dog before you go anywhere then finish up in harrys hope you have deep pockets!!!! you will never forget weymouth....
  8. london dome, the crown are they still on the go????

    feckin loved weymouth however my bank balance never was too keen on me going there OR my doris :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  9. Everyone in the Corps has a soft spot for Weymouth, basically because it is one of the few places the Army has had the manners to locate next to a holiday resort.

    How come you have managed to get to SNCO without ever visiting?
  10. Started reading this thread and my kidneys started to twinge, i couldn't even begin to count the amount of cash i have put over the bar in the Black Dog and Harry's bar.

    Had many a good walk ( stagger) back to camp when i couldn't get a taxi or they wouldn't let me in the cab after going for a swim.

  11. you..............no..................never.................... 8O 8O 8O 8O
  12. Ex reg (INF sgt), did the advanced assault pioneer Inf at gib, i need to redo the bridge & watermanship to get back my 3rd in the RE. I was asked to be a DS on the JNCO Crs after my name was down to to do my watermanship & bridge parts, so i have never been to weymouth other than when i did my recruite Sgt's Crs in Bovington a few years ago.
  13. Simo,

    Is 129 still in Nottingham or has it moved??

  14. still in Nots but moving to Northampton soon
  15. Please send my regards to the PSAO if it is still Dave S.