TA credibility - our own worst enemy?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Duke, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I have just returned from a TA course where the majority of those attending have had recent operational experience, and brought a lot of civvie experience to add to the mix. By and large, a credit to the TA.


    Two insisted on wearing desert kit instead of CS 95 because they were "just back from Iraq/Afghanistan". One even wore his ID disks to the bar. Funny that they both had time to go home and pick up their mess kit for the dinner night though.

    One insisted that he would walk around in scruff order wearing the old head dress of a since merged unit because he was "special". The other three "special" people wore the correct uniform and beret, as do those on the regular course.

    One appeared to have patch painted a 9x9 to wear as a CS95 shirt, and was out of breath by his third trip to the hotplate, but joined in to defend the position of soldier first, specialist second, everyone needs to be "fit to fight"

    I believe that the 99% of the quality people on the course are likely to slip from the memory of the DS and the regular course attendees fairly soon, but these 4 will linger in the memory, thus perpetuating the old myths of walts/unfit wasters we are working hard to remove.

  2. Not a medical course was it ?.Wearing deserts in the uk if not traveling back
    or ordered too is waltism of the highest order imho.
  3. Out them, I say...Waltism needs sorting as it affects the rest of us trying to earn our credibility the right way.
  4. How embarrasing! People like that should be asked or made to leave!

    It makes me cringe to think that TA Soldiers do this sort of thing!
  5. atleast a third of my current building site is wearing them....
  6. atleast a third of my current building site is wearing them....[/quote]

    As cheap arse clothing no doubt bet they get cold as the temperature drops :D .
    Ok a soldier who has other clothing on issuse and choses to wear deserts
    in the uk is walting imho.Nobody likes a smartarse.
  7. Once back from the Sandpit the only bit of desert kit that should be worn is the issue socks as my feet have never been better in them! Surely people who are attending UK courses in desert kit are incorrectly dressed and should be gripped accordingly and I agree that it does nothing to help our STAB image.
  8. Believe yuo me , it's not only in the TA, In 15 years as a regular (ending a sa a PSI with 32 Scottish Sigs) I saw plent of regulars who tried to put on the Rockfist Rogans.
  9. F**king wasters !

    That's exactly one of the many reasons I left !
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Nobody wants to defend them then? Good, I thought for one minute that it might just have been me that gets hacked off with these idiots.
  11. These people make me cringe, I have no time for people like this and it makes me wonder why the rest of us work hard at looking smart and being fit and up to the job. I have also been on courses where there are people like this and why they are not set back to unit and made an example of I will never no.
  12. Out the walts. Out the walts. At least name the course. I suspect the JDSC(TA) thingie from the mess kit mention. Hhhmm who do I know who's been on that recently?
  13. Some things never change - back in the early 90's we had a full screw who liked to dress all Gucci - his favourite was gore tex gaiters and jungle boots! (waterproof shins and leaky feet :oops: )
  14. I hate walts, but to be devils advocate for a bit, i don't think it would hurt to get op tour medals dished out a bit quicker.

    That way maybe they wouldn't loaf around in dessies to prove they'd been to sandyplace I or II.

    Failing that, take em to Jewsons and bury the fatherless up to their eyeballs in sand.

  15. What's the average time for STABS to get the medal? I think mine came two years to the week of mobilising.