TA Courses?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mongoose, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know of the schedule for next year? I remember getting something about revised instructions for loading onto courses but I'm a bit all on my AGC-lonesome here :(

    I imagine they are all busy being rewritten due to JPA? If so, anyone any idea when they're likely to start again?

    We're talking SPS type courses here I should add..
  2. Your PSI should still be able to access the SPS courses. They were on hold as JPA took precedence over just about everything.

    If your PSI can't help, do you have a RAO/RAOWO who can contact Worthy Down direct?
  3. I do indeed, he however told me I had to sort it out myself :<

    I'll check with Worthy Down tomorrow myself I suppose, thanks :]
  4. Mongoose,

    Last I heard the courses would be up and running from 1 Apr 08 - only problem was at that time they couldn't work out how to condense a 6 week course that just about covers the basics into 2 weeks! Seems as per usual the TA is a total afterthought!!

    If you manage to find anything out please post again - I will do the same. We've got SPS (V) people desperate to get trained up and nothing to offer them - how are we supposed to sell the corps to people coming in??

  5. Ignoring the moron above, you are correct paywog. Just spoke to Worthy Down courses - no course until after April 2008 and the schedule is being written as we speak apparently.
  6. ............ 8)
  7. Mongoose,

    I won't lower myself to be drawn in - someone obviously has issues to deal with! I will drop you a PM when/if I hear anything if you are OK with that - grateful if you could reciprocate.

  8. It's time Worthy Down actually looked at the courses they're offering and the relevance to the individuals.

    It made some sense to make the courses Regular lite for the mass of CVHQ people they had on the books, who did their two week Annual Camp with Regular units (usually doing the filing from what one mate told me) but those in the Independent world need something more relevant to the work the TA clerks are actually employed on.

    Where Worthy Down could make an impact would be to offer study weekends or modular courses that could be taught in barracks. We've all got our own ideas, and use that to train our soldiers, but something more formal that could be used would be welcome.
  9. There was a workshop with all the BTWOs a few weeks back. Ours has come out with a grand plan. Ping your BTWO and see what they have to say.
  10. BLR,can you calm down a bit mate. Mongoose, have you considered posting this in the TA forum as well mate?
  11. Just having a laugh Boss!

    (reigned in by an SIB Offr... How embarrasing!)
  12. To be fair I'm probably more in touch with goings on than most of the people that would visit the TA forum, that's why I put it here - incase someone from up high happened to notice it and could tell me anything.

    The Adjutant tried that one, without any response, probably due to the fact they're snowed under with (more important) JPA problems.
  13. Having recently attended the BTWO working group to discuss SPS(V) training it is highly likely that BTWO's will be delivering the following prep for course instruction (Bde area) and the course itself (Worthy Down):

    · Basic Military Administrator Course (BMAC) – Class 3

    · Assistance with the Class 2 Workbook

    · Advanced Military Administrator Course (AMAC) – Class 1

    · Senior Military Administrator Course (SMAC) – Promotion to Sgt

    Bearing in mind that the role of the SPS(V) is to be able to deploy as their regular equivalents, most of the detail in the courses will cover regular requirements, many SPS(V) may feel they have not received sufficient training to be able to do this were they to be mobilised. To that end attendance on these new courses may be open to them to attend. (Revised policy may enforce this)

    DSPS(A) will be issuing something very soon.

    Sorry pal you will get a proper answer soon.

  14. Thanks for the info,

    I like the sound of this, I'll admit having just rebadged and being the only AGC type at my unit I haven't the slightest idea what a "normal" TA clerk does on a drill night / weekend., but we had a Sgt come from another unit to do her camp with us. Which basically meant she sat in the office for two weeks checking paysheets, at the time the AO Finance had just sacked it in so she was actually doing something useful, but usually that would be someone elses job (such as the PSAO in a normal unit?).

    I can imagine that for a "normal" TA Clerk to deploy on ops now and be expected to use JPA to administer regular soldiers (bearing in mind they haven't even done the 2 1/2 day implementation trg let alone anything more in depth) would be a nightmare.