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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 1, 2003.

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  1. 1. Willingness/availability to deploy

  2. 2. Regular attenders

  3. 3. Those who do back to back FTRS

  1. Should TA courses be offered as priority to

    1. Those who are ready willing and able to deploy
    2. Regular attenders
    3. People who do back to back FTRS
  2. Has to be regular attenders, how many course placements are wasted by soldiers not turning up?

  3. msr

    msr LE


    Which courses are you having difficulties getting people on?

  4. Signals basic (RA) The course is always fully subscribed 12 students max. But 4 weekends into the course you will be lucky if half are still there!
  5. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    My Unit has the same problem with courses that go on for several w/es. Difficult to get soldiers to commit to giving up say two weekends a month every month for several months on the trot, when they're also under pressure to turn up on Ex, do Bounty Tests and go shopping with the missus.

    Much less problem on 9 or 15 day courses which people seem to be able to plan for better.

    We changed our Phase 2 soldier trg from 6 weekends over five months to nine continuous days (yes it does work out the same amount of time when you consider you only really get 1.5 trg days on a weekend) has worked very well.
  6. This is the problem with some of the TA. LACK OF COMMITMENT!

    Some of the TA members look upon the TA as an additional income, instead of a way to serve the Queen and country and to make a difference.

    If a course is being offered to a soldier and the soldier accepts he/she should be commited to attend and if they default then they should be charged as AWOL.

    I am sure that the Regulars have a family life and commitments at the weekend as well, but they cant choose whether to attend an exercise or not.......they are compelled to, so why not the TA?

    To answer the question.........definately those who attend on a regular basis should be offered the courses first.
  7. Well KENR its like this nowadays. Most TA soldiers have jobs monday to friday. Going away on a weekend means working 12 days solid; two days off then another 12 days... I did my CMCQ and RMQ on weekends; five out os seven, to be precise. The course started the weekend after I got back from a two week course...put another way, over seven weeks I had two weekends off. No post exercise R&R for me, no sports wednesday afternoons etc, no bitching, I volunteered and thems the breaks.

    Well that really would result in bids going through the roof ( I dont think. ) Also, if they are not on a course not being paid etc, they are not subject to Military Discipline ( because they are not working for the Army / TA which makes it a bit tricky to charge them )

    See above. No doubt some of the TA show a lack of commitment but they tend to leave within a year or so. ( We haf vays und means...) but some show a pretty respectable commitment. Most PSIs I have known think we are loonies - FIBUA or whatever the weekend, main jobs the next day...see their point, really.

    Just my 2p worth.
  8. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Ken with all due respect, you've already proved in the "TA what do you think of us" thread in the NAAFI bar that your grasp of what today's TA really is and what it is really for is tenuous at best. (I'm being polite here)

    As somone already pointed out you can't charge a TA soldier for being AWOL for not turning up for a weekend as he is not subject to Military Law unless actually training.

    As for the "additional income" comment - that's bordering on offensive. Personally speaking I expect to be paid when training - I work hard for the money and I could certainly earn more doing overtime for my employer at weekends However I choose to do something more worthwhile and - to me - enjoyable. No I wouldn't do it for free but just because I value the extra income doesn't mean I have no sense of duty.

    Does it not occur to you that many TA soldiers see the TA BOTH as an extra income AND as something a bit more worthwhile than the usual second job?

    Obviously not.
  9. Scareyspice.....notice I said "some" of the TA, not all. If the cap fits............etc. etc..

    And, yes I admit that I may be behind the times, so what? Its an opinion and only and opinion, its not personal......get over it!
  10. Scaryspice

    Kenr's comments are to be given the respect and weight of authority due to someone who left the services in 1989.

    With a bit of luck he might just piss off. Naturally, he is entitled to make himself look like an out of date numpty if he wishes.

    Its a free world.

  11. No chance.....out of date numpty....tsk tsk........children, behave.
  12. Actually Kenr it should be"Child" as only one person has said it. ( So far.)

  13. Now it is "children".
  14. Now it is what, grandad?
  15. Yup, I'm a grandad, 3 grandkids and proud of them, but your point is?