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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Platform_101, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi there – this is my first post on ARRSE so excuse me if I appear naïve. I’m not sure if I have the right forum; this could go under ‘Training’ or ‘Retention.’

    Anyway I have recently joined my local TA unit (3 months now) who are Royal Engineer Surveyors, and I was wondering what courses are available once you are a qualified soldier other than trade training? I’m interested in anything available. I’ve looked on ARSEpedia and can’t find much, I can’t find any other threads, and can’t find anything on the web apart from this page (http://www.army.mod.uk/unitsandorgs/trestabl/idt_army_/schools_courses/index.htm) .

    Obviously I have asked around at my unit but the NCOs inform me that I can do any course in the Army. I’m sure in theory this is true but in practice how does that work out? I haven’t done TAFS1 yet so I appreciate that I’m a long way off doing much else but I’d like to get a heads up before I commit myself?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. msr

    msr LE


    Get your basic training out of the way first - if you show the commitment to the TA, they will get you on the courses.

  3. msr - Thanks for the response. Are you saying that as long as you've completed all your basic training and show commitment then these courses may become available? Do you have examples of what courses would be available, specifically on the engineering side?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Your PSI will have a list of the courses avilable, but like I say - get your basic training out of the way before you start to worry about what other courses you need.

  5. MSR - Thanks very much
  6. I agree, you need to be a trained soldier first, then probably need to do your trade training, then what ever courses you fancy see the PSI, it would be handy to do your DIT course(Defence Instructional Technique) which most units require you to have prior to promotion, then there is things like H&SFAW which will alsogive you a civvy qualification.by this time you'll know what you need/want to do course wise just keep bugging your PSIs 'til they give in.
  7. looking forward to seeing you for your CMS(R) part 2 in Grantham as i am one of the instructors and am willing to put you through your paces.....
  8. Have a word with your SPSI and tell him you want to do the SACCT(TA) course. You probably wonder that stands for, its Sub-Aquatic Close Combat Techniques. The course lasts two weeks and is based at Hereford, you might hear it referred to as "the under water knife fighting course" he will know what you mean if you call it this. I did the regular 6 week course I can honestly say its the best course i have ever attended, the 2 week TA course doesnt go into quite as much detail but its a very good course nonetheless. Places are limited and only 2 run every training year. Good Luck.

  9. carpe_diem - Underwater knife fighting with 'Them' sounds great but I was thinking more along the lines of Field Engineering?

    FFBox - Thanks for the advice.

    al_5780 - Nice one.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Bloody hell Al,

    4 posts and full rack of medals with golden jubilee and MID. Let everybody know in no uncertain terms that you are a recruit instructor.

    Keen to make a good first impression are we?
  11. 6 recruits from my unit are coming to visit you this weekend, can they put in their order for breakfast in bed now and have you found someone to clean their room for them yet :wink:
  12. On a more relevant note, in terms of RE courses, the Corps will generally run a "courses camp" each year - the regiments take turns. You'd basically be going on another regiment's camp. This will generally cover a good range of engineering modules, e.g. bridging, minewarfare, demolitions etc (unless 101 is doing it, in which case you may get EOD subjects) and you should be able to get 4 modules or so done over the 2 weeks.

    There may also be the possibiliy of getting yourself down to Chatham for a course. I think this may be more likely for you, as theI have headr them say certain areas of surveying are not covered by the civilian world and they may wish to train you on these if you unit doesn't cover them - although I'd assume they would?

    Other than that, there is the usual first aid, NBC and range qualification stuff.

    You could also go and train with other RE units (eg 101 will be localish for you).
  13. oh and al_5780: you warry f***er! Grr! Warface!
  14. if you remember your training if an instructor had one or no medals and he was teaching and you knew alkl had done is teach and not experienced the front and rear echelon then his creditabilities would be smashed so medals and warfaces are a must
  15. Back when I did my training... the Army wasn't half so committed to operations and most had not experienced any warfighting, but tours in NI and Germany. The Falklands was some time back. The deployment of UN forces to Bosnia was a recent development.

    Point taken, though.