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How difficult or easy do you find it to get on courses?

In my experience, it largely depends on the organisational skills of your PSI/SPSI.

Good organisational skills = get on the course you want

Poor organisational skills = get on course you don't want, don't get on course at all, get fake promises of courses that never materialise, get pulled off courses for crap reasons.

Your thoughts?


Book Reviewer
Quite agree - Good PSI = good chance of getting on the course.

That said, there is always the old TA standby of either

a) 'phoning the Course Booking Clerk at the School yourself, or

b) just turning up anyway.

I've used a and b successfully in the past, when the PSI situation is bad.


I was supposed to be booked on a BFAT course this weekend and surprise, surprise, I'm not on it.

Now do I just turn up at the risk of being turned away?

Also, I wanted to do SAA next year and I've been informed I've got a medics course!
Hi SB,

Dependant on your capbadge, you could always ask your local reg unit training wing NCO/SNCO/WO to help you out.

I've helped a lot of TA lads n lasses onto courses when we can't fill 'em.

In certain cases too it has helped with their annual camps and bounties.

Let me know if you want any more info.

Still looking for casual relationships by the way!!!!!!! :-X :-*

All the best.

Red Ken
What's a "Course"  ???

Mr Happy

A course is like an annual camp where you go away to avoid your partner for two weeks and learn something you didn't want to learn about something you will never use again.  It is like an annual camp only has a purpose, an aim, and a result.  Normally the food will be better.  The objectives of most courses is to make you eligible to be promoted to another rank where you have less and less chance of doing anything actual and more and more chance of sitting behind a desk shovelling paper.  This is particularly true of corps skills where you get to learn a piece of kit just to get promoted beyond touching it.  Occasionally a course might be useful to you in which case you can be certain that when only two of you turn up for it that it will be cancelled and you will be told to p**s off.  This generally will happen after you have busted your backside to get two weeks off work and sacrificed some kind of performance bonus to your bosses ego for p**sing him off.  Rant rant rage....
ahhhhhhh so THAT's a course.......

I only wondered, because I've seen fcuk all evidence of one  :mad:

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