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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ranger, Mar 5, 2005.

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  1. Why is it so hard for Officers and NCO's to tell us what courses are running and when?
    Since we have come home from Iraq nobody in authority has been able to tell us about courses. Is this a common problem, or should we just stick to blowing bubbles on drill nights?
  2. How about going to have a look at the DCI's for your self?? Initiative anyone? :roll: :roll:
  3. Good idea sprog, maybe you'd like to try and prise them out of the SPSI's grasp?

    Sometimes, it is just not that easy.

    "You want a course, no problem, only one available is anything to do with Brecon" :roll:
  4. Phone up the Bde Training Team and they will send you a list of courses. i know that my local Bde TT are crying out to fill the( boring) courses. If your PSI isn't letting you know what courses are on or not booking you on them then he isn't doing his job properly. More courses= more knowledgeable soldiers available to teach subject= less work for him everyones a winner
  5. While on the subject, has anyone recieved the course list for REME lads. Our Q man has said that he won't let us know until their is an identified need and the new training year has started. I'd like to know what's available in as much advance as possible, for work purposes. Weapons related courses if any.

  6. Our PLT SGT tels us what we need to know, plus we have courses listed everyweek, so no quabbles there, can't find a list, go and see a grown up or your sergant and he'll tell you and give you a list...

    simple as really....

    They can't find one, no such thing, they will....
  7. Ranger, Your a kn*b end at times!! stop moaning and letting these other tossers see it!! moan at the big fat man behind the desk and get your life in order!! anymore of this and you will be sent off to the BOOTIES!!! FAB BABY!!
  8. Now as a young Tp Comd I used to hear this complaint all the time and when I pointed out all the courses I had highlighted was normally told, "But we don't want to go on those ones, sir."

    As an OC, I used to have SSgts tearing their hair out because they couldn't get volunteers for courses no matter how hard they pushed them.

    Seems to be a common theme with most OCs I speak to.

    So, what courses is it you think you should be going on - if they are bog-standard I think you'll find users on ARRSE from every RTC/BSTT across the country who will be able to point you in the right direction.
  9. Ranger, what district are you in? I can let you have course details for both London District and 49 (E) STT based in Grantham. PM me.

    You can go direct to the STT's and ask for timetables yourself. I'm sure they won't mind emailing copies.
  10. Ranger,

    Try using google soemtimes :)

    What courses are you looking for?

    For those in the London District..

    point your browser to


    This has details of the courses we offer for those in london and surronding areas..

    For more specialsit quals, such as NBCI, SAA etc then youwill need to go to the appropaite centre of excellence for details.

    Try the ATRA web site, link in several threads or hopefully on my links page.

  11. Have to say the info is there for all to see. However, the problem is that it seems the shop floor guys don't get it because somebody cannot be arrsed to find out about it and let them know! How long does it take to get into the Trg Wg before pde or indeed get the info onto your Coy Sqn Pl Tp notice boards! We're supposed to be looking after the Toms, getting their career paths sorted out and ensuring we retain them. So to all those mincers who are generally not doing anything other than looking after themselves, PULL YOUR FINGERS OUT and manage your troops!
  12. the problem our unit has is that we have a list of courses but getting on them is another story. we have blokes waiting for their fmt600 for over a year
  13. Well that is just pathetic. if you have the numbers your unit should organise a bespoke course just for you. I would suggest the Trg wing needs something sharp and preferably red hot shoved somewhere.
  14. Well that is just pathetic. if you have the numbers your unit should organise a bespoke course just for you. I would suggest the Trg wing needs something sharp and preferably red hot shoved somewhere.