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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by leemund, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. I was sworn in last night after successfully completing my RSD. I'm joining the signals, and I have a question.

    In the TA do you send on courses often?

    It's not reason I joined but the guys at the TA centre enphasised how many courses you get to go on and get qualifications, I'm more interested about running around a field with a rifle, shooting badies, and having a laugh. Well maybe not quite like that but you get the idea, I just want to get my hands dirty and have a good time.
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Not a chance if you are a member of my old unit. I was unemployed for 6 months, told my unit i would go on any courses that were running and would get me on tour......Didnt go on a single course!!!!

    Not all units are the same..........luckily
  4. Give Charlie Dimmock a ring :D

  5. what you join the sigs for then? :D
  6. You have not been told the whole story. There is a cap on man training days; courses are much harder to bid for.

    Then you should have joined the Infantry, not the Signals. You've been had, mate.
  7. Believe you me, not half as many as you'll have after you've been there six months ;)
  8. Although dont get a downers on T.A.......if it was that bad non of us sad f*cks would be on here!!!!!

    You will love to hate it but regret not giving it your all!!!!
  9. I'm not stupid. I work in IT, I'm testing the water first. If I like it I might stay with the signals for a year then move elsewhere.
  10. You have to go through TSC(A) and CMSR which involves learning Infantry fieldcraft, weapons and battle drills so plenty of opportunity to do some 'green' stuff in your first year. Unless you fast track by attending one of the 'Challenges'. Trade training follows that.

    Good luck and crack on, mate!
  11. Given that you said,

    "I'm more interested about running around a field with a rifle, shooting badies, and having a laugh", you should have joined the Infantry. You might not be stupid, but I struggle to think of another word to describe somebody who is discounting facts because they do not fit in with his expectations.

    Naive? Maybe.
  12. Well I wouldn't say that, yes I'm interested in getting my hands dirty. But when joining I knew the phase 1 training covers infantry taks. I could get bored lying in a ditch all day long and find the infantry not too apealing to me, which is why I chose the signals. I unlike most people love my civvy job so signals would be for me if I don't like the infantry side of the phase 1 training. If it is then I could always speak up and move to the infantry.

    Plus the infantry TA centre is quite a drive from my house, where as the signals is a stone throw away.

    There is logic to my madness.
  13. Fair enough, but speaking as a Phase 1 Instructor, I can tell you that there is not much infantry-specific training in the first six weekends. The Infantry guys get more specialised training in weekends 7-9.

    Infantry do not lie around in ditches all day; far too busy. Have a look at my "TA mojo" thread. You will NOT do that stuff in the Signals.
  14. Well, I can only base my decision on what I've been told, as i'm no expert. I can always go and see them next week and see what they say.
  15. Leemund,

    you need to concentrate on getting your cmsr and then your trade out of the way first, then you can think about going on some courses :) but like BB said there is a cap on MTD's at the moment so trade and basic will be the units first priority for you