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I note there is a previous thread on this topic but it all seems quite out of date. I know TA Recce courses don't exist and I'm led to believe the TA Sharpshooter/Sniper course doesn't either.

Also as far as I'm aware all the courses run at ITC/ITB for support weapons are for NCO's and Officers, maybe someone can correct me on this.

Before the usual replies, I've been in for 7 years, recently been on tour (HERRICK) and passed an NCO cadre and DITS course 18 months ago.

Does anyone know of any courses currently available to TA Riflemen/Private soldiers in the infantry that are actually any good? Because truth be told I'm a bit bored.
would your CoC not give you acting rank for course purposes?
CMCQ -Combat Marksmanship Coaching. Might be L/cpl and above but a useful course for an Infantry soldier. As TheBlindKing says if you ask for the course the CoC could give you acting rank for it.

Also CMT courses, they would possibly take riflemen?


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Aa a senior Rfn, who has passed PJNCO and DITS, with 7 years in you should be getting that elusive first stripe any time soon. As already mentioned CMCQ sounds a logical step (go as acting Lance Jack). Also DTTT should be something you are thinking about. Then there will be SAA, PTI, in due course PTC (after that first stripe is given).

You should also be thinking about other instructing type courses, CBRN, Map reading etc.

Now get off your fat northern arse and speak to your Boss, he will have some sort of plan for you (at least he bloody well should do).
SCBC always seemed a popular course to do, a banana helped.

Signals all things to do with bowman or whatever comns your unit is issued.
medical CMT
supply side of life G4 doublehats with man/minibus driver
driving side all things reme career change

Instructors courses in all things to do with matts.

Ask your sncos what courses they had to do is insightful for career progression.
Appreciate the replies although none of the suggestions are actually open to Riflemen/Private soldiers, except some driving/G4 stuff, at least not without acting rank.

Does make a point that for TA infantryman unless you want to be a NCO and subsequently an instructor, there isn't really much out there for you.
Driving would be a good one - how about a C1 course? (Assuming you passed your driving test before 1997 and therefore don't already have it).

The way things are going, with Foxhound etc, if you beat the rush you could find yourself very useful.
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