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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Jan 23, 2005.

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  1. Heard a rumour that some courses are now working weekends :!:

    The only ones I knew did that is the SSgt/Cpl courses and those that didn't was the Crypto one (and most operator courses).
  2. That's just the TA ones right?
  3. Think so.
    Their was a period on students on most TA courses came away with a training deficiency - reason given was their wasn't enough time to teach them and TA were complaining they had too much free time (i.e. finish early on Friday and late starts on Monday etc).
  4. well a couple of our girlies are doing their class 1's atm & they r working weekends! 8O
  5. TA ......... :roll: Surley that means you should be used to 'working' at the weekends, although nowadays theres so much homework floating about everyone on a course 'works' on a weekend any way...... If your finding your 'hobby' a little hard, didums can always join up and do it for real :twisted: Saucer of milk anyone :?:
  6. In my experience of courses,the reason that TA courses at Schools etc do not work weekends is because of the lack of instructors willing to work weekends and nothing to do with the motivation of the students
  7. Oh no doubt they are motivated, and some talented ones too 8O but unless the powers that be increase the instructor ratio, all we will do is discourage regulars to post into the school and burn out those already here..... Don't forget courses (TA or Regular) these days require you to complete work over a weekend anyway..... :roll: ..... note 'saucer of milk' comment...... you bit, I reeled you in! :lol:
  8. As I recall "milk" is something spouted by "TITS" :lol:
  9. Touche!..... :lol: Sounds like you have a fixation............. :roll: Bottle fed were we....... :D
  10. editted
  11. I seem to remember working over the weekend when I attended my TA R Sigs officer's HF/VHF course at Blandford back in Feb 2001. The JI's were complete wnak (as usual) and had us all assembled in Radio Systems Group's lines at 0815 on a Saturday morning. The course YofS sauntered in about half-an-hour later and asked us what we thought we were doing. Our reply of, 'Waiting for you...' left him very nonplussed. He was even more shamefaced when we told him that we hadn't had breakfast yet. Cue a rapid exit back to the Mess for scoff. The course didn't get much better after that. God alone knows what it's like now... I learnt more about HF/VHF back at my Regt from our YofS K**** P****** (now a Tffc Offr) and PSI Ops T*** W*** (now an SSM...ironically at Blandford) than I ever did at RSS. Hopefully TDT have got a grip of the course and come up with something better, but somehow I doubt it!
  12. Most courses are built around a couple of core subjects: On the Job Training (create a training programme), Orders (don't get taught how to extract orders - so if your an operator you need to attend Detties first), EW (make a presentation on who EW effects your unit).

    So all operators courses are essentially the same course, you'll probably spend about one day learning (or re-learning) subjects specific to your trade (and subjects that you don't need to learn).

    In addition to the suggested kit list probably best to take plenty or beer tokens and hangover cures.
  13. Know what you mean History Man. Worked very close with the two guys you mentioned, who knows you might even know me!