TA Courses at Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Darth_Signallus, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. Hi folks,

    Has anyone attended the TA Cyptographic Accoutant Course at Blandford?

    Is it any good, what all is covered on the course?

  2. D_S,

    I would suggest that you speak to your YofS or RSO. That sort of information isn't really the sort of thing to be discussed on this site.


  3. I dont think many people are going to state on here what they teach on the course purely down to the subject, however i have known people from the TA that have been on the course, all of whom had no problems with it, just take some beer tokens and a good memory :D
  4. I'm more looking for feedback if it is worth attending.
  5. Is any cse worth attending?? Just makes you more employable, did mine long time ago as fivetodo says take a good memory and lots of beer tokens.
  6. Its a good course, take some TA pens as Bob may have ran out of them.

    If you do go on the course make sure you take plenty of things to keep you occupied (books, DVDs etc). That wasn't a dig at the course.

    As for is it worth attending, please PM me

    p.s. Your not allowed to use Darth till you've had the nod
  7. Bob no longer there he retired some time ago
  8. No friends in crypto fella !
  9. I heard he's now a pianist in Gibraltar :twisted:
  10. ROFLMFAO :mrgreen:

    You heard the story - what a surprise! :D See if there are any more subs due to visit Gib in the future - he'll be on one ;)

  11. That depends on what your planning to do with your career. I've never done crypto accounting since attending the course, (our PSI does all the crypto work) but have done security briefs and IS security work.

    I do know some who do crypto accounting but they work at the TAC during the week.
  12. I only did it as a career requirement. Not particularly useful as, like others say, you don't get to do any of it. Best thing is no homework or revision cos it all has to be locked up!
  13. Just out of interest, how long is the course?
  14. Obviously not worked with the TA then :!: 2 weeks

    Although if your talking about YofS, its an extra 4 weeks in 2 Sig Bde and upto 8 weeks in 12 Sig Grp. (by extra I mean in addition to a RD SSgt)
  15. Not quite - but got different responses fm PSI, SPSI, PSAO... :D