TA COs attending weekend Regt / Unit exercises

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by its_been_emotional, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. ...is TA and usually attends

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  2. ...is TA and does NOT usually attend

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  3. ...is Reg and usually attends

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  4. ...is Reg and does NOT usually attend

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  1. Hi,

    Who thinks COs should usually attend Regt / Unit weekend exercises?

    And what actually happens in your Unit?

    (Hopefully I can get a poll to work)...

  2. Yours doesn't? How gash. Poll not showing...
  3. Its their unit... whether they attend is up to them. Ours is always on Regt weekends, but not Sqn weekends, which is good, as part of the attraction of Sqn weekends is that the RHQ hoi polloi are not there...
  4. Perhaps I am demonstrating my ignorance here, but how can the Regt/Bn be fully exercised if the command element (including the Commanding Officer) is not present in full?
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    We (Historically) only see ours once in a while, usually for a few minutes. Apparently they are too busy 'planning' to be seen anywhere on Camp, by anyone.
  6. I think CO's (regardless of TA/Reg) should be present but got differing responses when I raised it on our latest weekend which surprised me, hence the poll.

    (and yes I've realised the poll could have been designed better - it's my first time! Be gentle...)
  7. If I understand the scope of the reserves review correctly, this may raise some interesting questions for the future. As I see it, one of the options for the TA is to make it more like the US National Guard, in terms of getting more and better training and other resources but probably with lower overal numbers. The pay off for this that attendance at training events will be compulsory for all ranks, with failure to attend being treated the same as a regular soldier going AWOL. I'd be interested to hear thoughts from the serving TA.
  8. Casual labour means we can't be forced to turn up.
  9. Generally in favour, although NG is huge and TA small. However NG have a package including immense employee protection and other support for the soldier. If the package improves, ie enabling the soldier to be an active TA soldier, then I am in favour of compulsory attendance.

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  10. Very much agree, although if the package improves it will have to improve for the employer as well otherwise it just won't work. If we go down the NG route we're going to need a big buy in from the employers and the positive benefits of hiring reservists reinforced with some tangible benefits. If this isn't done well enough companies will avoid employing reservists and the TA will be made up of the self employed and un-employed.
  11. Fine as long as there is some sort legal protection to stop TA personnel being disadvantaged in their civvy career and lives because of it. Both promotion wise and financially. The main problem with moving to the system you describe ,as I see it, is that not everyone works Mon-Fri 9-5 or even regular hours in their civvy job and quite often people earn more than their daily rate at rank.

    As an example I jave a young lad in my Tp who gets paid £80 a shift, his daily rate is around £40 as a newly passed out Spr. To attend a Tuesday training night at 1/4 days pay (£10 odd) he may have to give up a shift (£80) leaving himself £70 worse off. With 2 young kids and faced with the same choice what would you do?

    It would certainly make management easier. But faced with the reality of matching civvy pay and bringing in specific laws to protect peoples livelyhood I cant see it happening.

    Edit - Im not saying it couldnt be done, just that the financial implications of doing so would be rather large and the point of the review is to save money.
  12. Regardless of whether the whole TA are forced to turn up or not, applying for and accepting the CO job should mean you have committed to, in the vast majority of cases (SWMBO birthdays, Brigade Conferences & open-heart surgery are acceptable excuses. Only just, in the latter case :D ), gracing us with your august and esteemed presence.

    Whether you quickly, then, bugger off and let people get on with work / training / faffing around or whether you stay and "help" or "encourage" is, I suppose, a matter of your personality and particular knowledge.
  13. While it is not my area of expertise, I'd say you have identified the main sticking points. I would suggest that the incentives to the civilian employers would be the vital ground, but clearly this also lies outside the MOD's control. Perhaps David Cameron's Big Society plans hold the answers...
  14. My experience has been that TA COs turn up nearly always whereas Reg ones have appeared less keen.

    I'm NOT pointing the finger at TA COs - more just wondering firstly if guys think COs should be on weekends or not but also if any Reg / TA CO difference held across the board.

    I personally feel v strongly that we should be more "part time" Regular / "full time" Regular rather than simply TA / Reg. Training and planning are v heavily affected by not knowing until you actually start a weekend or even drill night who will be there. Progressive training is difficult. Sldrs could apply for leave in the same way as Regs to not be at some trg.
  15. I don't particularly disagree with the aspiration - although "notify absence" rather than "apply for leave" - but it is placing all of the responsibility on the TA soldier and allowing the Army to blithely carry on with the "you're just casual labour" and "please volunteer for mobilisation" cop-outs.

    If the Army, corporately, was willing to man up and provide reasonable Ts&Cs, then they could expect more commitment in return. They get the commitment they deserve for the current shambles of fudges.