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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by walrusboy, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. The Volunteer element of the Corps is projected to expand significantly over the next few years. Does anyone think we might struggle to meet future TA Corps manning requirements? Are we going to have more HQs chasing the same scarce human resources? When we’re at full strength what are we going to do with ‘em all? And if “Alex the Fish” and “Nicola the Fish” secure independence and the Scottish HQ is behind the lines, what happens then? Move 'em back to the 'boro? Is it just me? Discuss.

    I'll just put a brew on and deep fry a creme egg. It might go on a bit.
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  2. Expansion will take some time (e.g. c5 years), any regular visitors to the TA forum will be familiar with the current lead times required to get new bodies in through the door, although there is hope that this will be improved, I gather. For the Corps the length of time required to build up numbers can be exacerbated with the requirement for security clearances meaning that it can realistically take 3 years + from walk-in to a newly minted lance jack, and longer still (5 years or so) for those involved in specialist roles. The "Military Gap Year" model which attracts many an unemployed graduate I think will continue to be offered even in the post-HERRICK world, and more could be made in terms of inflow from the regular corps, probably.

    The question 'what are we going to do with them all?' also occurs to me. In my experience the level of understanding of, and trust in reserves from sponsors varies considerably. Anecdotes of certain sub units allegedly being turned away at the gate by their sponsors and those where the sun is thought to shine out of the behind of any (V) members have both been heard by this callsign. In parallel with the planned increase in numbers there needs to be an 'inform' piece developed (feeling sick as I write this, I sound like a power point jockey) to give sponsors an understanding of what can and cannot be acheived. The Corps (V) generally attracts an exceptionally high calibre of individual and I think there is much more value that can be added in some areas.

    Finally, retaining the good people that are already there needs to be a given, particularly when the prospect of further HERRICK tours begins to reduce. Fail to deliver interesting and stimulating training and provide reasonable career progression or expect a net outflow of experienced bods and a threadbare Sgts Mess.
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  3. If this means an increase in defence spending at last - hurray!
  4. There is plenty that can be done - but yawn it comes back to having the effective back office support from the Stab-hating G1/G4 mooks that steal pay at CN etc. Better admin, Cpl PSIs at det locations and off we go!

    Deep-fried Mars Bar for me WB!
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  5. Nice idea but I can just imagine the thrusting young regular Cpl, just back from HERRICK, speaking with his RCMO about the role "Great posting, Army Reserves a growth industry, set the direction of the det, senior visibility, a bit like a UK based COIST role.."

    I would then give the Cpl about 10 minutes after arriving at the TAC before he is asked to sweep out the stores by the CQMS, dicked for fire piquet at a trg weekend after a day spent instructing or dumped with a load of paperwork by a YO.

    Given the level of rank inflation in the TA I would suggest three tapes would be a minimum for this role.
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  6. Well, not that I care any more having recently hung up my boots, but the key thing I would do is find a better way to emphasise the offer. It is something quite special yet we have no decent unclas way to describe it. A form of words, officially endorsed would help greatly. The chance to do real work on camp and at weekends is quite unique.

    The other biggy is to actually get some staff work done to formalise links with sponsors. Where the relationship works it's down to decades of work demonstrating that we're worth keeping around, not down to anything coming out of Chicksands. And when I say formal I mean on the OJAR of the CO of the sponsor type formal.

    Plus you'll need some serious work to find something for 5 (AFG) MI to do. Judging by the demand when things pop up for trained analysts in areas I've seen in the last year work is out there, but the usual inter Bn pissing matches will have to go to let that happpen.

    Hey, there's a thought. Strengthen Coy level admin and "Group" them into a single unit .....
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  7. Indeed - hence a shake-up of the much-slated and rightly so back-office staff to give the Cpl/Sgt PSIs the scope to support the retention piece.

    Phew a lot of bullshit management phrases there!
  8. If you shake up the back room staff too much, there'll be no-one to represent the Reserves in Corps golf competitions. Heaven forbid that the actual Volunteers should be involved.
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  9. are you taking the piss? the biggest golf skiver on the planet is a Reservist!

    (and I know he will read this tomorrow lol)
  10. Is this a north-south thing ? From my seat a lot of what comes out of Bn is crap, but on closer inspection it would have been significantly more crap without the hard work of most of the staff there. A lot of work goes into mitigating the bollocks the Army and the TA pass off as processes and policies.
  11. Camp Adjt

    Camp Adjt Swinger Book Reviewer RIP

    We tried this radical solution IWMPC0971.jpg to manpower problems in World War 1
  12. Do tell, a trawl through back issues of Pose and Squabble show teams to be made up of QM Dept staff and PSAOs.
  13. Excellent advertisement for the West of England - I do believe the building depicted is the Central London Recruiting Depot just off Whitehall !
  14. As NRPS all technically TA / Reservists.

    I'd doubt any volunteers playing golf for the Corps would be on days pay anyway, more likely to be on Cat C.
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  15. Walrusboy seems to have made himself scarce since kicking this off. No wotsits for him.