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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bug-out!, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Fellas,

    Just got one of these questionaires through the post. In my years of service I have never been asked to take part in one (or anything similar).

    Do these things make a difference, is it worth filling it in?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Yes and Yes.

  3. Thanks msr....

    Over the last few months the MoD/Army were prepared to shaft us mightily and thanks to a concerted effort the decision was overturned. I just don't want some genius staff officer to think that all is well and super peachy in TA Land, now that we have been given our £20M back.

    The fact that the questionaire is not anonymous also gives me cause for concern, which means that I am less inclined to answer honestly. I would like to make it further up the ranks without pushing the career abort button....and I don't fancy going in front of the Badge and CO to explain why I think the level of support rendered by SABRE is crap or be seen to circumvent the CoC in the event of raising an issue!

    Edited to add: I've had a shandy or two hence the rambling.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    If you find yourself in front of the Badge or CO for being open and honest, then I think CGS would like to hear about it.

  5. The TA have a continuous attitude :? Can it be claimed for against the MTD budget :?
  6. Give them both barrels. Its not going to affect your career.
    If LAND don't already know how badly overdrawn they are on the goodwill budget, then maybe now is a good time to let them know !
  8. I received one as well, and the fact it isn't anonymous concerns me as well. I know we're all supposed to subscribe to integrity, moral courage etc but like your man said one could end up committing TA career seppuku. Its is somewhat worrying. That said, being the lowest of the low I don't suppose I have much to lose by being honest.
  9. Talking about our £20 million being given back,did you know that amount matches exactly the amount being sent abroad as child benefit for parents from abroad whom work in this country.

    Linky thing
  10. I have filled them in a few times amd am on my last year having done 34 years comissioned service so being truthful did me no harm I can see as I still finished up an SO2 !! Fill it in, be truthful and as one other post says if there is some fall out I think CGS would like to know.
  11. Just to reiterate the comments above. The subsequent output of the CAS is - I repeat, IS - used by a range of people in various HQs to support and inform a number of initiatives and policy decisions.

    I would urge you strongly to complete the form and send it back. Do not be concerned about it not being anonymous - it is so to add credibility to the results and allow accurate analysis of soldier and officer trends and no-one is ever going to follow up on any pithy remarks. As you will discover, the form is constructed to give a consistent read-out - it's not really about whinging - it's about capturing trends and opinions.

    I was reading the results in the version published in July 2009 only on Friday...
  12. I just received one through the post, a few days after I put in for voluntary discharge.

    Give them both barrels? Damn right I did.
  13. Ive had 2 in the last 2 years and ive always stated my opinions, IIRC i think its anonymous anyway
  14. You mean you stopped attending.
  15. Having just re-read the inside cover before sending it off this morning I can confirm its anonymous, so no excuses now for not sending it in :twisted: