TA Continuous Attitude Survey 09 - what hope for 2010?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wingletang, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. Main Results

    • Key areas of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction:

    The top two ‘highlights’ for both TA Officers
    and Soldiers was a sense of enjoying serving in the TA, feeling proud to be in the TA and
    treated fairly in the TA. The top ‘lowlights’ for both Officers and Soldiers included: the Regular
    Army regards them not to be of an equal status; their employers’ attitude to voluntary
    mobilisation and the ability to access and do administration tasks on JPA. There was a
    commonality between the highlights and lowlights between the TA5 and the TA6 surveys.

    • Recruitment.

    The top factors influencing decision to join the TA for both Officers and Soldiers
    were challenge, be part of the British Army, adventure/active life, help defend/ serve my country
    and get the most out of myself. A similar pattern of factors was found between the TA6 and TA5
    surveys, apart from good friends and colleagues which was no longer in the top five (now sixth).
    The source which most influenced respondents’ decision to join the TA was information from a
    friend/colleague/family member who is/was a member of the TA/Regular Army.

    • Job Satisfaction:

    This was an area of relatively high satisfaction. Compared with TA5, TA
    personnel were more satisfied with TA life in general, however more Officers and Soldiers rated
    their workload as high. Sixty-percent of TA Officer and Soldiers rated themselves as having high
    morale. In addition to that, the majority of TA Officers and Soldiers agreed that they enjoy
    serving in the TA, they are proud to be in the TA and feel loyal towards the TA.

    • Pay and Allowances:

    In general, satisfaction with pay and allowances has improved since
    TA5. TA Officers and Soldiers were satisfied with the following aspects of pay and allowances:
    their basic daily rate of pay, the level of the Bounty, the speed of payment of the Bounty, the
    criteria for receiving the Bounty and the assistance provided by unit admin staff in dealing with
    pay and allowance enquiries/entitlements. TA Officers and Soldiers were less satisfied with
    access to JPA and their ability to do all the admin tasks they need to.

    • Mobilisation:

    Almost half of TA Officers (48%) and around one third of TA Soldiers (35%)
    responded that they had been mobilised during their time in the TA. In general, respondents felt
    that they were informed about the matter of mobilisation. Over 70% of TA Officers and Soldiers
    responded that they would volunteer to be mobilised for overseas peace support and/or
    enforcement operations and overseas hostile operations. The majority of TA Officers and
    Soldiers responded that they would volunteer for UK operations. There were some significant
    demographic differences between those who would and would not volunteer for overseas peace
    support and hostile operations.

    Training and Development:

    In general, TA Officers and Soldiers were satisfied with the
    training they receive in the TA, which included individual skills training (MATTS), unit training,
    training at annual camp in relation to their operational role etc. Two thirds of TA Officers and
    65% of TA Soldiers were satisfied with development of their personal potential. Satisfaction was
    lower for other aspects such as the opportunities to gain educational or vocational qualifications,
    career advice/counselling by unit/organisation, management of their career by their
    unit/organisation and the management of their career by the wider MS system. However, there
    was a significant difference between the TA6 and TA5 surveys with an average 7% increase in
    Soldiers’ satisfaction with personal development, opportunity to gain qualifications and
    management of their careers by unit/MS system.

    • Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying:

    The majority of TA Officers and Soldiers had not
    experienced discrimination, harassment or bullying in the last 12 months and this finding is
    consistent with the TA5 and AFCAS 08 surveys.

    • The TA and the Regular Army:

    The majority of TA Officers (93%) and 71% of Soldiers
    responded having trained or served alongside the Regular Army. Sixty-eight percent of TA
    Officers and 59% of TA Soldiers viewed themselves as of equal status to a member of the
    Regular Army of the same rank, although fewer believed that the Regular Army views them as
    of equal status (Officers 32%, Soldiers 26%). A half of TA Officers and Soldiers agreed that they
    are well integrated with the Regular Army.

    • Retention:

    TA Officers and Soldiers viewed friendships and social activities as the factors which
    would most influence their intention to stay in the TA. The second highest rated retentionpositive
    factor was satisfaction with their TA job/role for TA Officers and opportunities for
    development for TA Soldiers. The factors which would most influence TA Officers and Soldiers
    to leave the TA were the impact of their TA commitment on family and personal life and the
    demands of their civilian job. These factors were also highly rated as retention negative factors
    in the previous TA survey.
  2. I am struck by the absence of 'ops' being in the 'satisfaction' bits. Funny thing.
  3. I am struck by the amount of threads about this kicked to death subject! Just sell your kit and work some overtime man!
  4. i joined the TA in late 98 and by about 2 years i had enough of it. I was thoroughly bored of the same old training that was being offered at the time. it was the opportunity to do an operational tour that kept me in.

    In my opinion the ultimate role of a TA soldier is to deploy alongside our regular counterparts.

    i am surprised that operational tours werent mentioned as being a source of tremendous satisfaction. it certainly was for me. finally putting all the skills and training i had gained over the years into practice for real on the squalid streets of kabul and basra and finding out that i could indeed "cut it" with the best of them.

    however i do think our training needs to move on from the stale old cold war scenario's we still tend to get on a weekend or annual camp. Most have very little bearing on what our lads will face on op's. I am very surprised the survey said most of us were satisfied with our training as in my experience most of us say the opposite.
  6. i thang yu :p

    i was in the midst of a career change and thought i'd join the reg's but they said i was too old and advised me to try the TA.

    see its the Regulars fault again :D
  7. Isn't it always :roll: :wink:
  8. Boo, fuckin', hoo!
  9. Interesting post.

    More interesting by the fact that top highlight was 'a sense of enjoying serving in the TA, feeling proud to be in the TA and treated fairly in the TA.'

    now in tatters I would suggest.

    The lack of compassion, respect, trust and comradeship demonstrated by the Regular Army within the recent cut backs is staggering and will undermine any 'sense of service' for the average TA soldier.
  10. you might have given the place a clean up before we arrived... :wink:

    As for training think that is down to the unit you are with.
  11. i cleaned my bedspace which is as much as i wanted to do in that shithole of a country :p

  12. I'm an ex-Reg, having spent 9 years serving the colours I jouined a local TA Signal Sqn. After 2 years with them I'd had enough. I'd never worked withg Scaleys before an could believe how noisy they were in the field and panicky when there was an 'enemy' on exercise. This I put down to the unit, not the TA in general. I've now got the opportunity to give the TA another try, and my main motivator... working alongside my Regular colleagues and the opportunity for operational deployments. :thumright:
  13. In year savings won't be delivered by the TA. Standby for some major fall out across the Regular Army. Of course, there will be absolutely no whingeing from the regulars.....
  14. agreed, an interesting post and nice to see the feedback on the survey. I completed it but it's funny how it's left to unofficial sources like Arrse to feed back on the results.

    But let's not start slgging off the regulars for lack of compassion etc The army has been served a sh** sandwich by the government. I doubt that any TA punter would have been able to produce the savings demanded by hitting anythign else.

    Yes it's crap, yes it will severely damage the TA, yes it will go on to damage the regulars too but what were the options? Personally I think they could have done it better by canning bounty this year but legally that would be iffy and you can imagine the outcry that would have caused.

    So we are where we are, let's just get on with it and see what's left of the organisation in April. May will see an election, probably change of government and if it goes as expected the Tories will be slashing the regulars and trying to convert the redundant regulars into TA. Stand by for more wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    It's sh** sandwiches all round for the foreseeable future!
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Apart from the mammoth waste of resources which we see in procurement?