TA competitions

Anyone being put forward for any competitions this year? I know about Corsham (shooting) and Courage Trophy for LONDIST but is anyone actually taking part in any?

Can't beat a bit of healthy competition if you ask me.
Cue indignant response from HAC, two questions about their TAC, someone whingeing about whether it is 'Selection' or 'selection', some uninformed drivel about something unrelated, a comparison to 10 Para (thereby dragging even more off-topic guff in) and a desperate PM to have some reference to something removed... and everyone hoping that no-one from the London Regiment chimes in.


Sod doing any training just turn up and win it!

Oh sorry, did that LAST year.
Plenty of shooting comps coming up in the next couple of months.
msr, cumon, don't give up just yet. This is what its all about, the banter, the whining, the absolute tosh, i know ill start a new thread to really get you going....
Perhaps I am just getting a bit too old and cynical ;)

Not that old, mind...:evil:

Well all im saying is that I'm on my units team, and when it comes to archery most of us can hit the target most of the time... That trophy is as good as ours!!

I was impressed at you turning up in a bike jacket. I know the driver is a lout but thats being a tad over cautious..
Back to the original question

I'm not entering but they're out there if interested.

TA Orienteering champs, TA cross country - both April, TA Half Marathon - run as part of Fleet half marathon in March.
Don't worry abou the bows and arrows get your best singer on the team is my advice, and make sure you all wear medallions and have hairy chests,"Fly me to the Moon"....

ther is the driving competions run by BAFMA all you need is a LR if you have one & a driver & a navigator. 8 or 9 over the year & one of them in germany my Sqn puts 3 crews into it now & i have clearance to enter all rallies..

Also for fun you can get your unit to Enter the RFA competions that take palce over the year, we went to Italy & Belgium & the uk run one at altcar last year & we are off to UK one in MAY, Possibly French commando raid in may too & italy at end of may.

Shooting Competitions happen all over
Orinterring Happens yearly very good if you can get into it
TA FootBall competitions has lots of sports
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