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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ta_wannabe_sig, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. How does the TA match up to the reserve forces of other nations, is it exactly the same as the septics national guard?
  2. Short and sweet answer. I like
  3. No.

    Oh hang on... errr... No, I'll stick with the first answer.

    Amongst other things, the NG do frighteningly long tours, get sh1t loads of fringe benefits (medical, dental, pensions IIRC, free education etc etc etc) and much better funding / equipment / recognition / thanks / medals / pizzas etc. Although their berets look gay.

    ANG units regularly provide fast air in Afghan. They have their own fcuking aircraft, although not sure if they bring them in with them.

    Oh and WAHHHH btw.
  4. What he said.... :D
  5. for what is spent on the ta they do well Ng units have helicopters and tanks and heavy kit like that.
    plus can put more than a large company on exercise.
  6. thanks for the replys, i should have stated at the start that i've been trying to explain the TA to some of my family that emigrated to America and i didn't want to say the wrong thing in compareing the TA tp the NG.

    Do the Aussies have a TA equivilant, just out of interest

    If the NG get helicopters what do our AAC TA get?
  7. [nowah]

    The best analogy between the TA & the USNG/US Army Reserve which I have had came from the NATO SHAPE School Reserves Integration course. It basically explained that the USNG is essentially what we would call Combat Arms while the USAR supplied the Combat Support & Combat Service Support.

    AFAIK the AAC(V) flies a couple of Gazelles which are piloted by ex-Reg pilots. There is a Squadron of groundcrew based in E Anglia. No doubt someone who knows what they are on about will correct me.

  8. Helibedfords!
  9. Alas, 7 Regt AAC (V) is gone.


    In short, there was no money in the pot to replace the Gazelles or extend their useful service life.

    6 Regt AAC (V) is purely 'groundie' support for the Regulars, initially around AH and Lx regiments but now building our capacity to support the wider AAC.

    Re the USARNG... by way of comparison, the state of Minnesota with just over 5 million inhabitants has its own infantry division with a brigade combat team and a combat aviation brigade. And it has C-130's and F-16's within the Air National Guard.

  10. National Guard Budget is $53.1 Bn...
  11. I know the Oz and Kiwi both have terries (as they call them) and get 90 MTD a year but other than that I couldn’t tell you if there any good or not,
    I know the Oz TA lot do east timour opposed to telic or Herrick, and only the cream go to "real" war zone as there PSI put it when I was over there November 08 looking at immigrating
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I went on an exchange with the New York N.G.

    Their own kit seemed a bit dated they thought our Bergans and webbing were better
    They were still using vehicles like the "Duece and a half" which the motor pool SGT told me was Korean / Vietnam era
    There was plenty of kit though for instance they drove a pickup down for he live fire exercise and the officer wanted it blown up

    The weapons were filthy when we got them(we spent a two hour coach journey cleaning them) and there was some problems with the Minimis but again they had loads so just took one put red tape on it and got another

    IIRC they offer to pay you through collage for a commited term and after 20 years you get full benifits, and pension this also carries on from a regular coming into the unit from active service he can cary his 9 years for instance into the pension

    During the helicopter assault phase the crew chief asked us to point the muzzles up as they had only just colected the Black Hawk and hadn't had time to sort the floor out he said it only had 18 hours on it

    They went to Baghdad a year later so I assume all thier kit would have been re issued with newer stuff
  13. Another thought. The USNG is controlled at State level so a Governor can call them out. I believe they can be used for Public Order as (not very successfully) displayed at Kent State University, a sort of Septic version of the Peterloo Massacre.
  14. In terms of mobilisation the TA is more like the US Army Reserve as opposed to the National Guard. The guard deploy as a unit, however the army reserve tends to deploy as IR's. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule.