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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Number_10, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. My employer (a large consulting organisation) does not presently allow employees paid leave for TA training therefore training has to be taken from employee's annual vacation allowance. They are currently reviewing this policy and so it would be helpful if I could let them know that other companies have a more generous policy, if they actually do.

    If anyone employed by an organisation like Accenture, PwC, IBM, Deloitte, etc. could let me know of a more generous TA training policy in your company, that would be much appreciated. A PM is fine.
  2. Good luck with that - I'm sure they exist but few and far between. Most companies expect you to take Annual Leave to cover training and as an employer myself I think thats right and proper.
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  3. I work (well attend) for the local authority who are probably the best when it comes to annual leave for reserve forces. I get 10 days paid and as many unpaid as the manager is willing to give(but to be fair i only use the paid and if needed i take any others as annual leave-Don't want to take the piss.

    In previous jobs i've got 5 paid paid and in others it been simply unpaid leave. Unfortunatly the employers holds all the aces in this situation.

    Best advice is to seriously sucker up to the boss and get him/her on side before you start a two fronted attack on the fuckwits in the HR dept.

    I do know that a lot of the larger nationals and certainly the multi nations, especially the American based ones are very TA friendly and will have a very favourable policy towards leave.
  4. Civil servants get additional paid leave to cover TA training. My employer, a small engineering company allow me 5 additional days unpaid leave to help cover my training without consuming too much of my annual leave allowance. Considering you get paid by the TA you would be VERY fortunate to be given additional paid leave for training. Good luck
  5. 10 days additional leave at half pay which I think is a good level of showing support. Of course, the policy was introduced many years ago when Army pay was very low in comparison to civvy pay and you'd have to wait quite a lot longer before your Army pay reached your bank account. I doubt that the policy would be anywhere near as generous if it were introduced from scratch today.
  6. I'm a teacher for a local authority. They give ten days paid leave for camp and paid leave for mobilisation! I have yet to test this as I am rejoining, and wnen I rang the council HR dept up they weruaware of what their own policy said.
    Last time I was in, I worked for Iggesund Paperboard, Now part of thw Holmen group. All leave was paid, but I had to pay them back my army pay - whih was less -afterwards. Which seemed fair enough
  7. NHS. 5 extra paid, 5 extra unpaid
  8. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I work for a national accountancy firm. Hidden in all the terms and conditions is this:

    "Employees who are members of the TA and request time off to attend annual TA Camp for a fortnight will receive one week’s paid leave. The remaining days and any further TA requirements must be taken from the individual’s annual holiday entitlement.

    The individual is responsible for informing the Human Resources Department of any earnings received from the TA so that these can be deducted from the employee’s pay."

    I haven't actually tried it as I only found it the other day (after two years of gainful employment and tamping my annual leave with Camp.)
  9. That's nicely ambiguous. At the worst interpretation, they'll deduct two weeks Army pay from your one week of additional leave. Get enough rank and you'll be subsidising them. But, I suppose, that's bean counters for you.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to your local SabRE rep: Support for Britain's Reservists & Employers | Volunteer Reserves - SaBRE

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  11. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Bang on the money. Though I could easily imagine that I just wouldn't get paid by anyone.......
  12. My trust replaced the 5 paid 5 unpaid with a 10 day paid policy.

    I had heard rumours that this was going to become a national policy.
  13. jrwlynch

    jrwlynch LE Book Reviewer

    GEC-Marconi as was, used to give one week paid and one week unpaid special leave for reservists. That carried over to BAE SYSTEMS and was still in place as of 2003 (can't guarantee where it is now, but surprised if they've chopped it given who their big customers are)
  14. At Ernst & Young and RBS (until I was made redundant in 2003, so this is well out of date) it was 10 days paid for annual camp & as much unpaid additional leave as I wanted. I found it hard to use up all my leave!
  15. Mine has recently changed their policy to them paying the difference between my TA pay and theirs for annual training. Up till then it's always been two weeks out of my leave allowance and a lot of chelping from my other half.