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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cheese, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. I'm coming to the end of UOTC, and thinking of joing TA R Signals as a tom a a Comms Sys Op. I have done quite a bit of research and spoken to R Sigansl PSI, but can anyone give me heads up on class 3 course, and what i'll do as a Sig in a 2 Sig Bde Squadron who do a mix of CNR, Reebok, and other bits of kit?

  2. what area of the country mate?
  3. Hmmm cheese.

    What area of the country ?
  4. Right well whilst you are doing all that spare me a minute and tell me how to download data from the GPS on my Nokia N96, to Google earth.


    Merry Christmas

  5. Hmmm... not sure about the Nokia!

    There's various places; i am looking at wider options. I'm probably looking at 31, 38 or anywhere in London/ South. It's pretty up in the air at them minute
  6. In London / Middx, speak to Dry Clean Only on here, he'll give you the heads up.

    I have left the TA now but I was a CS Op. The Class 3 course is a bit bone if you have any brain whatsoever, it was apparent on my course that most people didn't, hence it being pretty bonk. Loads of time in Classrooms doing lectures in everything you need to know. You kinda know what stuff your Sqn does before you go so you can selectively pay attention to some things and not others - though you do need to pass tests on everything to get your Class 3.

    The TA R Signals are in a bit of a state at the moment still, after the shutting down of a couple of Signal Regts and what not. Most Sqns still don't have Bowman, and those that do haven't reliably got it - ie are on standby to have the Regular Army take it back as and when they need it. Though that can be good to new Signallers, as learning Clansman will make you appreciate Bowman more, and Clansman is much better for learning HF Theory on.

    How fit are you? If you're reasonably fit, having done both I would suggest you might look at Infantry Signals. People will tell you otherwise, but if you want to do Signals, they can offer pretty good courses - if you're into Combat Net Radio that is - as supposed to data comms handled by other London Signals Sqns. The Infantry can't offer you much on the data side of things, so if you fancy all that, go R SIGNALS, but for CNR stuff (like many TA Sqns do), the Infantry might lead you a more enjoyable, reliable career, with almost certainly more potential for getting on tour - though not necessarily in your trade.
  7. 31 were disbanded a few months back, their Southfields Sqn is now a troop under 47 Sqn, MXY. Which in turn is 71 Sigs.

    Go to the MOD website or simply google TA locations and you should be able to find your nearest unit.
  8. Cheers, how long/ what do you cover on the TA course?
  9. Ignore what you've read so far. TA Trades only changed recently and so many will be talking about old courses/trades.

    Basically by the time you get to class 2, you should have covered the same subjects a regular class 3 will have covered. You are not being trained to use your sqns kit as that is done in house.

    Yes you should be doing BOWMAN, anyone still teaching CLANSMAN needs to look at why they are doing that. The last info I've got had TA RSigs getting full sets of BOWMAN unlike other TA units. Not a clue on how they will manage to use all of it but .......

    Join 38, you'll get a fair mix of comms kit and in theory non of the commercial stuff in other regts - plus I'll start the Cyrpus/overseas rumour here as it's Christmas..... (well rumour started at a much higher level but I wanna play Santa)

    p.s. 38 is Special Communications... probably more in common with special needs than special forces but special anyway
  10. Is this a WAH or part of their reloing of TA R Signals?
  11. No wah, although I've heard it also called UK Strategic Communications.. the special bit seems to have caught on but that might have been a wah' started on arrse earlier.

    p.s. some of the Sqns do have airportable kit

  12. CLANSMAN is still being taught as it is still being widely used throught the TA. It's as simple as that. Although BOWMAN has been rolled out across the TA Sigs, it has not been done in the quantity that renders CLANSMAN obsolete. If a unit has one BOWMAN radio, it is not going to be able to run a practicle Comms Ex is it. That is why CLANSMAN is still being taught and used.